Mookie Bates has made history with the most important status of all

Mookie Bates of the Los Angeles Dodgers # 50 in the first innings at Dodger Stadium on May 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

Mookie Bates is a unique ball player who can do many different things on a baseball field.

He can hit for strength, play defense and run.

Let’s talk about his ability to run for a minute.

He can run the ball incredibly fast and hit the gap.

He can also run the bases quite well.

When the bases run well, more runs are often made for the team.

And through Bates ’first 36 games of the year, he has made himself quite an explosive run.

He has scored 35 so far, the highest among Los Angeles Dodgers players according to MLB status on Twitter since Johnny Frederick and Bebe Herman in 1930.

Mookie is providing a spark for the Dodgers

Bates has made a lot of history as a member of the Boston Red Sox and has not missed a beat since doing business in Los Angeles.

He has helped the Dodgers maintain their steadfastness in competing for the World Series title year after year.

His ability to run and run bases is no exception.

He just brought a little extra spark to a lineup.

He did this as a member of the Dodgers and played a key role in their recent post-season run, including the 2020 World Series Championship.

And he’s also in some good company for his milestone at the start of this season.

The energy he brings helps to light a fire under a team and inspires them a little extra to win the ballgame.

The scoring run will do it for any ball club and it has worked for the Dodgers so far.

Betts will only continue to provide that spark and help the Dodgers win the ballgame.

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