Moana stumbled into the Brumbis final due to three losses after the Pacific

Moana Pacifica saved their best until the end, beating Brumbis 32-22 despite a red card from Secope Capu, leaving the best Australian team in fourth place to advance to the quarter-finals.

Although the Brumbies will still have a home match next Saturday, the defeat means they have failed to jump to third over the Chiefs. Quarters for both teams will be scheduled after Saturday when the Waratah (6th) Blues and Hurricanes (5th) Force will play.

Brumbies coach Dan McKellar had his head in his hands when Moana sealed the deal with former Brumby Christian Leali’ifano attempting the 76th minute after a moment of magic.

McClellan spoke of the importance of speed, but his side advanced to the final after three consecutive defeats to the Crusaders, the Blues and Moana Pacifica, enjoying their second win of the season.

Kepu looked devastated after receiving a red card just 10 minutes after Brumbis winger Andy Muerhead had a high arm hanging from his chin.

Before the game, the former Wallabis prop was presented to the crowd with his three children and led the pre-match challenge, and within just 10 minutes of the competition, he slowly came to shake hands with Moerhead.

Less than two minutes later the Brumbies scored on the first try, with Connal McInerney crossing and you began to wonder how huge the Brumbies route could be.

But Moana Pacifica dug deep and found a level they could not manage in their previous 13 games. With 14 men in their 20-minute ten-minute stretch, a run from the penalty area ended with a tap near the Brumbis post. No. 9 Jonathan Taumatine had a long pass swing to the left and a simple touch down to fullback William Haveley.

A penalty attempt just before halftime resulted in Jahrom Brown receiving a yellow card for joining McInerney in the naughty chair and the MPO went ahead 19-7 and had an astonishing 71 percent possession in the first half.

Brumbies assistant coach Laurie Fisher was briefed in a halftime interview.

“I don’t think we’ve won in a collision since Scotty CO Christian Lialifano ran over in the second minute of the game – so it was 38 minutes on the back foot.

“By the 13th we had man-made, won a few fights and given ourselves a chance to play.”

The Brumbeys improved a bit after the break – they could hardly play badly.

Noah Lolesio scored a rare drop for a team that lost to Bouden Barrett’s hunting effort a week ago – and Lachi Lonargan crossed from Brumbis’ most powerful weapon, a rolling mall from the next penalty penalty lineout.

Former Brumbi Liali’Fano’s two penalties put Moana eight points ahead.

With 15 minutes left, Brumbis took the hosts to the field but a drop ball left MP. Ryan Lonergan then tried to close out a penalty when in front of the post, he was the only one to find out because of the decision against another rolling mall lineout.

Even then Brumbis desperately came to the defenders and won another penalty. Muerhead tried to give a quick tap but was called back and Brumbis went to the side. Another moment of inclination saw Moana hunt it down and Liali’Fano gave a wonderful 50-22 push below the right hand touch line.

If the Brumbeira had not received the message before, it was the last sign that it was not going to be the night of the Australians.

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