MLB personality demands change for boring games

A bucket with MLB baseball on the field before a baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Regions on August 2, 2020 at Oriole Park in Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland.
(Photo by Mitchell Layton / Getty Images)

Twitter covers MLB and provides a safe place to refresh your account.

Jambay is one of these personalities: he has created a niche on Twitter to talk about all things baseball.

You could say he loves the game by following his account, but recently, he has identified an area where the league can certainly do better.

“I am ready to pit the position players. There was a cute rare quirk for a little. It looks like the shark has jumped and the MLB should try to find a better solution to leave the teams, “he tweeted.

Not everyone thinks like him, but some people start to get annoyed with the occasional hit and especially, when they see that a position player is going towards the mound.

This practice has been made much more in 2022: we mostly remember Brett Phillips, Albert Pujols, Yadiar Molina and, more recently, the San Francisco Giants outfielder Luis Gonzalez.

The Giants, who have lost two consecutive blowouts, have even sent Gonzalez to pitch in those two matches.

Will MLB see the problem?

The MLB does not have a broad allegation for taking any action, but it is certainly an idea to explore.

The game has evolved so much that pitchers often don’t even cover six innings and bullpen have become an integral part of the list.

Resting the most important bullpen weapons during the 162-game season is actually one of the organizational goals, and this is especially true for competitors because they also have to deal with the post-season.

This is why managers often send position players to games that have already been decided, or at least theoretically: thus, they do not send their top arms to pitch in a blowout.

Will the league be able to see the situation?

It’s unclear if they will, but crazy things have happened.

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