MLB is making history by packing games this season

MLB baseballs are seen during a pre-season match between the Kansas City Royals and the Chicago White Sox at Surprise Stadium, Arizona on March 03, 2021.
(Photo by Carmen Mandato / Getty Images)

The 2022 MLB season started one week later than scheduled due to lockout and negotiation of the CBA.

For each MLB team to play 162 games, the league had to pack games that had never been done before.

This is the consequence of the MLB’s stubbornness during those negotiated days in December and January.

But here we are, each club trying to play 162 games and willing to take advantage of the doubleheader: the holidays are now a luxury.

There are 18 games scheduled for Tuesday: that means three doubleheaders.

“There are 16 games on the schedule today. The game was played on 18 May 8 If all is played today, it will be the 1st season since 2004 with multiple 18+ -play days (excluding 2020 and 7-inning DH). The last time there were 2 days in a calendar month: July 1977 (10th and 24th), “tweeted Sarah Langs.

The time and weather lost in the offseason has been unforgivable

In addition to the time lost during the CBA negotiations, the weather was as unforgiving as ever.

Many games have been canceled this season due to rain or inclement weather, making make-up dates more complicated.

Players, however, prefer to have a shorter calendar, as this would mean a reduced salary.

Many players say that they like to play almost every day to keep themselves in shape anyway.

However, there is no question that the 2022 calendar was difficult for the body and mind of the players.

Playing baseball for a living is not as easy as it may seem: it involves spending the whole day in the ballpark, practicing batting, stretching, and other exercises.

2022 will probably go down as one of the toughest calendars in league history.

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