MLB Insider has released a Josh Donaldson suspension

Manager Aaron Boon # 17 speaks to New York Yankees' Josh Donaldson at # 28 after a bench-clearing dispute between Donaldson of the Chicago White Sox and Yasmani Grandale # 24 during the fifth inning at Yankee Stadium on May 21, 2022.
(Photo by Sarah Steer / Getty Images)

Sunday’s game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox was, for lack of a good word, eventful.

There were several clashes between the Yankees’ third baseman Josh Donaldson and the White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson.

Donaldson said he called Anderson a “Jackie” as a joke, because the White Sox star said in 2019 that he felt like today’s Jackie Robinson.

Anderson took offense, and a verbal confrontation ensued.

For his role in starting the clash, the league has suspended Donaldson for one game, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightingale.

“NY # Yankees 3B Josh Donaldson has been suspended for one game and fined for what he is appealing to #Whitesox “Shortstop Tim Anderson on Saturday,” Nightingale tweeted.

Donaldson has apologized but is appealing for suspension

Donaldson, after the game, explained the situation and even apologized in some way.

“I used to call him Jackie. So let me give you a little context on that. In 2019, he came out with an interview that he is the new Jackie Robinson of baseball. He will bring back the fun in the game. Right? And when I played Atlanta in 2019, we actually made fun of it [in] The game. I don’t know what has changed [then] And I told him this in the past, by no means, [other] Rather than just joking about calling himself Jackie Robinson, “he explained, according to the New York Times.

As Nightingale said, Donaldson is appealing for suspension, in a clear message that he thinks he did nothing wrong.

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