MLB insider has made ridiculous comments about Albert Pujols

St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher # 5 Albert Pujols runs the base after giving a home run during the ninth inning to the San Francisco Giants' Joey Bert # 21 on May 15, 2022 at Bush Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.
(Photo by Scott Kane / Getty Images)

On Sunday night, the St. Louis Cardinals ended their three-match series with a 15-6 victory over the San Francisco Giants, with some interesting developments.

Albert Pujols, who went to the plate for 2-for-3 as the designated hitter, finished the mound for an innings to work on the ninth top.

No, you are not dreaming.

That was actually the machine on the mound.

Pujols has recorded the final three outs as the Cardinals have won their series with the Giants.

Several people on Twitter have questioned whether more bipartisan players are on their way, saying that if anything, it would give the team a bigger bullpen.

ESPN’s Jeff Pasan had a ridiculous and perfect response.

New two-way star on the block

Who knows?

Maybe Pujoles is our next two-way star.

As this is his last season in the big leagues, he does not have the time to sharpen his double standards.

But at least last night they had to be put on full display in front of loyal fans at Bush Stadium.

But Passan’s response is perfect and ridiculous.

You never know what you’re going to see in baseball.

You might just see a pretty big first.

And there it was in full display at last night’s game.

What Puzzles did on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast was even more exciting.

He has to pitch and do it to see the whole sports world.

And the Cardinal fans must have enjoyed it too.

This is the first time the Pujols have played in the Big League, and we know it’s probably going to end.

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