MLB Insider has made a positive note about Max Scherzer’s injury

Max Sherger # 21 of the New York Mets throws a pitch during the fifth inning of the Spring Training Game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Clover Park on March 27, 2022 in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
(Photo by Eric Espada / Getty Images)

New York Mets veteran ace Max Scherzer was forced to give up his start early against the St. Louis Cardinals when, at the top of the sixth, he threw a pitch at Albert Pujols and immediately hinted at the dugout that he could not continue.

Sherza was described as the discomfort on the left side and now, the Mets fans are having the worst fear.

Jacob DeGrom and Tyler Miguel are already on the shelf, most likely Sherza will join them soon.

An MRI was performed today to determine the severity of the injury.

An MLB insider pointed out the positive side of Sherzer’s injury on Twitter.

“At least it’s not an arm.”

Arm problems are what slowed Sherger down at the NLCS last year when he was still a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers and this is what caused him to scratch from the start in Game 6 against the Atlanta Braves.

But fortunately, Chelsea Jens has mentioned that it is not about the arm, which is something that every pitcher fears.

Still, bad news for any pitcher with a side muscle injury.

Cardinal’s Jack Flaherty has several pitchers who have dealt with a similar problem with one of the recent examples.

This is definitely better than an injury to one arm, but not too much.

It can still really mess with the routine and health of a pitcher.

The same seems to be true of Sherzar here, as he immediately called the medical staff at Mets.

The severity of the injury will be determined during today’s MRI.

Either way, it seems like a formality that Sherza will eventually get on the injured list and miss some time.

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