MLB Insider discusses failed Chris Paddock trade

Minnesota Twins pitcher Chris Paddock # 20 left the game with a medical coach in the third inning against Oakland Athletics at Target Field on May 8, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Teams across the league today wore pink in honor of Mother's Day.
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Just a few weeks ago, the Minnesota Twins and San Diego Padres signed an agreement that would send starter Chris Paddock and reliever Emilio Pagan back to Minnesota and reliever Taylor Rogers back to San Diego.

Often, we look at the trade and decide who has “won” the deal or better, and who has got the short end of the stick and “lost.”

At the moment, it looks like the Padres have won the deal.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale explains why the following tweet cites factors such as Paddock’s Tommy John surgery, which is going to keep him out until 2024.

A failed trade

Sometimes trades work and other times they don’t.

It seems to have backfired on the twins for sure.

They basically gave up their all-star closure for peanuts.

Now that Paddock is out for the rest of this season and for next year, Padres looks set to win the deal.

Their bullpen is strong because of the movement.

The twins, on the other hand, got a starter who gave them just five starts before moving on to the injured list.

And while Pagan is a tough reliever, he’s not even close to Rogers’ level.

Rogers has already saved 14 games and posted a microscopic IRA of 0.56.

The deal has so far been a complete and complete bust for the twins and is not something that can be easily undone.

The move hits back at them and helps the Padres strengthen their bullpen.

Now, they will not receive anything from Paddock until at least 2024.

Such moves make you think twice about what you plan to do as a team, and the Twins must think twice before trading another All-Star.

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