Miller time for the Sharks during Aussie 7’s Olympian NRL debut

Cronula is back on the road to victory but has been hit hard by the Titans in a wet match that ended 25-18 with the Sharks on the Gold Coast.

The blitz early in the second half was enough to take Craig Fitzgerald’s men home, though they were blown away before the break against the Titan team.

The star was fullback Lachi Miller, who represented Australia in the Sevens at the Tokyo Olympics and tried more than 250 meters in his NRL debut. He occasionally battled Jaden Campbell’s kicking, but was great with the ball in hand.

Nico Hynes, a little more experienced at the NRL level, was also great – scoring one, making one and kicking a lot – while Tag Wilton continued his case as the NRL’s best minute-for-minute player with 124 meters from the bench.

The Titans ’defense has been their main problem this year, but has been tough enough late on. It was thoroughly tested by Cronulla and the work was largely retained with increased time pressure from one of the best attacks of the quake.

Eventually the dam broke, but Justin Holbrooke can take a lot of comfort from how his team hung there and how they fought to make life uncomfortable at the last minute.

The Sharks got their first trend that in 13 the Titans could show some more skill in defense.M Minutes, when Royce Hunt was stopped at a nearby range.

After Miller’s first flash, the former Sevens Olympian danced across the line, but Cronulla had to settle for a repeat set and nothing more.

The same elasticity was not seen at the other end. Jared Wallace went on to open the scoring, grabbing his second in a few weeks after a similar crashover in the Magic Round against the Dragons.

Wallace moves from hero to villain because his error invites sharks and despite doing well on the goal line, British Nicora Blake was able to offload Braille, who was able to equalize Connor Tracy.

That improved defense remained in the front half as Cronulla went ahead and dominated the field position, but was repeatedly repelled.

Miller was then violently touched – a strong welcome in the competition – and a stronger Titan defense was able to move away from the five-set shark. Beau Fermer’s tricycle was the ultimate stopper for Nikora when the line was begging.

The Sharks got the best possible start in the second half. Katowice took a high ball into the yard of his line, but after a while, the sharks were on the other end.

Ciocefa Talakai was the architect, pushing Ronaldo towards Mullito, who went to Nico Hynes. It was a classic Cronulla 2022 vintage try.

There was an almost immediate reaction from the Gold Coast, as a steep Jaden Campbell bomb dropped Miller into the sea, but it was decided that the Assan Marsters would fall.

Miss will get punished. Hynes returned the favor to Mullitolo with a long, looping, no-look pass that sent the winger into the corner.

Miller left with one after allowing the ball to bounce, and while he was still fighting to get on the kick flight, the latter fell in his favor. A hop-up from another Campbell bomb fell directly into the fullback with no chaser in front of it and Miller was able to bring it back to the line from 70 meters out.

The Titans are not completely finished. Their attack still looks flashy, but when you get front row Jared Wallace in this tri-scoring form, anything is possible.

Toby Sexton put a reverse kick along the slippery deck and the big man somehow leaned to pick up and score.

Campbell’s great intervention slipped into the Essan Masters corner to help make things very interesting within three minutes of the game.

Wallace, of course, paid for it. He was at the center of everything good and bad and ended all hope for the Gold Coast by returning a dropped ball kick off. Hynes added a field goal to seal the deal before a professional foul sounding the siren.

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