Mike Zimmer obviously had two doghouses, not one

Cork cousin and Mike Zimmer

After the dismissals of Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman 4.5 months ago, the report indicated that the events surrounding the party were not necessarily tolerable.

Linebacker Eric Kendricks became the champion in hiring new coach Kevin O’Connell because he saw it as the end of a “fear-based” culture. Others, like Adam Thilen, thanked Zimmer for transforming the Vikings from the lost ways he inherited in 2013.

Overall, though, the relationship between Zimmer and Spielman was probably broken. Evidence of the claim came out of the reserve this week Pioneer Press‘Chris Thomson Quarterback Kellen Mond was with Mond’s father, and cornerback Cameron Dantzler.

Kellen Mond
May 26, 2021; Egan, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer watches quarterback Kellen Mond. Compulsory Credit: Brad Rampel – USA Today Sports

Mond, a rookie in 2021, didn’t feel much during the game, but when he did, Zimmer “did not specialize” I want to see him again in the field of regular season. And Mond’s father, Kevin, shed new light on the Zimmer-Mond relationship on Friday.

Mond was credited as the “Spielman pick” in the 2021 NFL Draft, where surprisingly for the defense-first head coach, Zimmer wanted a defensive player. According to Kevin Mond, Zimmer could not shake off the frustration he felt about seven months ago – a strange resentment when it comes to winning a football game. Mond’s competition in QB2 was Shawn Manion – the two of them will also fight for a QB job this summer – a player not overly dynamic.

Based on Kellen Mond’s draft stock, he Should QB2 in 2021. Alas, he wasn’t, and Manion’s only argument in QB2 lies in Kevin Mond. Doghouse theory.

Similarly, Thomson caught up with Cameron Dantzler, who curiously sat on the bench to start the season for Baswood Briland. Dantzler, according to the numbers, was a better footballer than Brindland, but Zimmer steadily started with the former Kansas City Chief with second-year Dantzler. Few spectators understood the Vikings Why.

February 28, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Mississippi State defensive back Cameron Dantzler. Compulsory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dantzler indicated this week that he was frustrated by the situation but a sign of maturity, refraining from shouting at Zimmer.

If a player like Dantzler is raw and not as good as an experienced player like Bryland, that’s one thing, but in 2021 that didn’t happen. Qualifying cornerback for every 116 people Pro football focus In 2021, Breland’s 47.2 grade ranked 111th-best in the NFL (also known as the sixth-worst league). Dantzler is ranked # 17 with a score of 73.8.

Write it down: That means Dantzler was better – one mile – than Bryland. Yet, for some reason, like Dantzler Mond, Zimmer lived in a doghouse. And the Doghouse argument for Dantzler may remain a mystery, at least for fans.

Brilland was released by the Vikings last December due to an alleged verbal altercation.

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