Marson Latimore has no vacation in 2022

Sammy Watkins of Kansas City Chiefs # 14 missed a tackle of New Orleans Saints' Merson Latimore # 23 in the fourth quarter of the December 20, 2020 game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.
(Photo by Chris Grethen / Getty Images)

The 2021 season was strong with New Orleans Saints cornerback Marson Latimore defending a career-high 68 tackles and 19 passes.

These numbers helped him pick his fourth Pro Bowl in five NFL seasons.

In 2022, he will get more help from the media after bringing in St. Daniel Sorensen, Marcus Mae and Tyrone Matthews.

But despite the improvement in the team’s defensive back rotation, Latimo will have his hands full throughout the season.

Pro Football Focus posted a graphic showing the wide receivers he will cover in 2022.

As they compete in the division with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Latimore will face Mike Evans twice.

DJ Moore of the Carolina Panthers will also have his assignments at 3 and 18 weeks.

Also on the terrible list is Justin Jefferson who had more than 1,630 yards for the Minnesota Vikings in 2021.

DK Metcalfe, AJ Brown, and Amari Cooper are doing terrific matchups physically, while Debo Samuel and Diandre Hopkins could leave him instantly behind.

His assignments became even tougher as he faced Jamar Chase at 6 weeks, Davante Adams at 8 weeks and Cooper Coupe, the best attacking player of the year at 11 weeks.

Latimore’s performance is crucial for the success of the saints

Those wide receivers can dominate the game if not challenged or covered.

They will make more catches than drops, giving them the ability to finish big plays at any time.

As a pro bowler, Latimore has to do the job of covering whoever is in front of him.

But the more good games he gives in this wideout, the less likely the Saints are in the playoffs.

Conversely, if he can limit these receivers while being their primary defender, he can get a distinct compliment.

Like imposing those receivers, Latimo can’t back down without a fight.

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