Mariners Insider tells fans to be patient with Jared Kellenic

Seattle Mariners' Jared Kelenick # 10 watches his RBI singles against Los Angeles Angeles in the second inning at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington on October 03, 2021.
(Photo by Steve Chambers / Getty Images)

The Seattle Mariners have decided to give his outfielder Jared Kelenic some time to regain his confidence and send him to Tacoma in Triple on Friday for his best swing and return.

After all, the Mariners need better production from their outfielders, and Kelenick is currently playing a disappointing .509 OPS.

He’s hitting .140 / .219 / .291 this year, and last year was similarly bad except for a big September.

A lot of people are already shutting him down.

This is an irresponsible act.

“It’s instructive to remember that Kelenick was 22 and didn’t have a 2020 season and was called up after six AAA games in 2021. Assuming his baseball career didn’t end,” Seattle Times Ryan Davis tweeted.

Kelenick is not only young, he is also inexperienced.

He is still developing

Also, most of the players are still in the 22nd double-A and triple-A.

He was trying to figure out how to hit the Major League pitching at 21 last year.

There’s no point in acting like he’s already a bust and his baseball career is over.

Kumar Rocker, for example, is 22 years old, like Kelenick, and has not yet been drafted.

The point is, he’s still in his infancy, even if Triple-A doesn’t seem to have much to prove.

Ideally, you know, by staying on the MLB active roster he will learn to hit MLB pitchers, but since the Mariners have a lot of depth in their outfield positions, they can see if they can give Kelenic a week or two. Return to her old, confident self.

The Mariners still have confidence in his skills and just feel that he needs some time to hone his craft in Tacoma.

He will be back.

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