Maguire, led by Ben Daly M. Hunt, faces the ax in the Tigers’ mid-year review.

Michael Maguire’s tenure as West Tigers coach is once again under intense scrutiny and the club has announced a mid-season review of the activity in the wake of another moderate campaign.

The Tigers are 3-9 at the halfway point of the season after losing 44-18 to South Sydney on Saturday night, just ahead of Canterbury on the ladder.

The main football team is conducting a review which will investigate what is going wrong in different sections of the club.

Having briefly survived his job following a similar review late last season, Maguire may not be in the lead at this point.

The Tigers have bid farewell this week and will not play until next Sunday when they will host Manly in Campbelltown so if the club wants to change its position as head coach, this may be the right time to play.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - December 07: West Tigers coach Michael Maguire watches the West Tigers NRL training at St. Luke's Park North in Sydney, Australia on December 07, 2020.  (Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

Shins is ready to make his recommendation to the board within the next week.

Maguire has a contract until the end of next year.

In its first three seasons at the club, the team has moved from a ninth place to 11th place in 2020 and 13th place last year.

They have suffered injuries and suspensions this year along with Adam Duihi, Dine Laurie, Tommy Talau, Stefano Otoikamanu and Jackson Hastings who have spent time on the sidelines.

Maguire, who won a premiere with South Sydney in 2014, has been criticized for being too strict with his players and failing to attract high-profile employers.

The Tigers have come close to signing stars like Lateral Mitchell, Josh Ado-Kar and Tevita Pangai Jr. in recent years but have chosen to move elsewhere.

They have hired Iles forward Isaiah Papaliei and Panthers hooker AP Koroisau for 2023 but will lose second-rowers Kelma Tuilagi (Manly), Luciano Leilua (Cowboy) and Luke Garner (Panthers).

Dragon's Ben Hunt (L) celebrates with Jack Lomax (R) after trying

(Matt King / Getty Images)

Ben leads Daly M. Hunt

Panthers Lock Isaah Yeo jumped in the race to win the Daly M medal after knocking out another great captain in Dragon halfback Ben Hunt Round 12.

Hunt led St. George Ilvara to victory after some troubling moments with their bulldogs at the Belmore Bulldogs on Sunday to overtake Yeo at the top of the leaderboards.

Panthers fullback Dylan Edwards went into the medal race after taking three votes from Judge Steve Roach in the Cowboys’ 22-0 shut-out in Penrith last Friday night.

Edwards is equal-sixth and six votes behind Hunt but is in career-best form for the premiers.

Daly M Leaderboard

19: Ben Hunt
17: Isaiah Yo
16: Niche Highness
15: Mitchell Moses, Ryan Papenhuen
14: James Tedesco
13: Dylan Edwards, Daily Cherry-Evans
12: Cameron Munster
11: Sam Walker, Adam Reynolds
10: Nathan Cleary

Round 12 votes

Storm vs. Sea Eagle: 3: Cameron Munster, 2: Nick Menny, 1: Kenny Bromwich. Judge: Ryan Gardler

Panther vs. Cowboy: 3: Dylan Edwards, 2: William Kikau, 1: Api Koroisau. Judge: Steve Roach

The Broncos vs. Titans: 3: Pat Carrigan, 2: Bodybuilder, 1: Selwyn Cobo. Judge: Greg Inglis

Warriors vs Knights: 3: David Klemer, 2: Tyson Frigel, 1: Anthony Milford. Judge: Ben Craig

Rabbits vs. Tigers: 3: Campbell Graham, 2: Dine Laurie, 1: Cody Walker. Judge: David Shillington

Shark vs Rooster: 3: James Tedesco, 2: Angus Crichton, 1: Joseph Manu. Judge: Nathan Hindmarsh

Bulldogs vs. Dragons: 3: Ben Hunt, 2: Jack Lomax, 1: Matt Duffy. Judge: Chris Highington

Rider vs. Eel: 3: Dylan Brown, 2: Jordan Rapana, 1: Junior Paolo. Judge: Andrew Johns

After winning the cup, the French paid their respects to the mother

Former paramatman utility back Bevan French has fulfilled a wish of his dying mother by helping Wigan win the Challenge Cup at home for the 20th time.

The 26-year-old Australian returned to the country last year to take care of his mother during her illness and missed the start of the 2022 season after being given a more sympathetic leave after her death.

The Frenchman says his mother helped him win the silverware to return to Wigan and repay them for their support during his difficult time.

“It’s emotional,” said the Frenchman after the Warriors’ thrilling 16-14 win over Huddersfield on Saturday.

“Everyone in the squad talked about what it means to win. They talk about clubs and friendships and helping with everything.

“It simply came to our notice then. The last 12 months have been a bit difficult and I feel like everything has come down to this moment today.

“I don’t know, it still doesn’t seem real. It’s crazy because my mom and I talked like this while she was still here.

“He wanted me to come back here and, I guess, by some means as a tribute, to bring some silverware to Wigan because they supported me during that time.

“I’ve talked about it with my mom for the last 12 months and finally came here to do it, the way we did it, I’m still soaking it all up.”

Wigan had a long outplay in the match and winger Liam Marshall tried four minutes from the end to see them at home.

The Frenchman, whose uncle Nathan Blacklock won the cup with Hale in 2005, said the action at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium saw his friends and family return home in Tingha, New South Wales.

“I’m glad to win for them and obviously for everyone at the club,” he said. “Like I said, it was really a personal matter for everyone.”

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