Luke Donsick proved in Game 7 that he is a true NBA superstar

On May 15, 2022, at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Luca Donsick of the Dallas Mavericks shot the # 77 ball against the Phoenix Suns in the Seven Game Seven of the 2022 NBA Playoff Western Conference semifinals.
(Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

Luka Donsic and the Dallas Mavericks are heading to their first Western Conference final in a decade.

After falling behind 3-2 in the series, Donsik Phoenix gave the Mavericks two huge wins in a row to send the Suns packing.

His talent has been evident since he joined the league in 2018.

The Slovenian “Wonder Boy” made waves immediately as a Rocky.

Luca averaged 21.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 6.0 assists per game on his way to winning the best rookie of the year at just 19 years old.

The following year he followed suit with 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game.

Dallas play-off 43-32 but were knocked out of the first round by the LA Clippers led by Cowboy Leonard-Paul George.

The following year, they faced a similar fate – the first-round exit at the hands of the Clippers.

Luke never lost – he averaged 33.5 points in 13 games, 8.8 rebounds and 9.5 assists in 49.4% shooting.

Donsick, of course, is tired of losing early in the playoffs.

He has finally translated that regular-season dominance into some post-season success.

And with a 7-3 tie with Game 7 in Phoenix, Donetsk had no doubt at first who would be the winner.

“Luka Magic” has officially cemented itself as a true NBA superstar.

Donsik step up at the big moment

The mark of a true superstar is if they extend their legs and distribute the light when it is the brightest.

Luke did just that through three trips to the playoffs.

2020 was Donetsk’s first trip to the playoffs and his first elimination game experience.

It was the 6th game against the Clippers at Mavs 3-2.

Luca played 42 minutes and went for 38 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists in 15-28 shots.

The following season, the series went seven games with the Clippers.

In Game 7, Donsik averaged 46 points, 7 rebounds and 14 assists in 17-30 shootings over 45 minutes.

Dallas lost both games, but Luca couldn’t do more.

However, critics do not remember the lack of help from his teammates.

History will look back and see if Luca has lost two critical play-off games.

He confirmed that it would not be a three-pit.

In Game 7, Donsik throws 35 points at 12-19 shooting and adds 10 rebounds and 4 assists.

If the game was a bit off, the numbers would definitely be higher.

Donsik scored the first eight points for Mavericks on the way to tie Sun at half time (26-28).

In two consecutive eliminations against the top team in the NBA, Donsick went for a combined 68 points, 21 rebounds and 12 assists in a 23-45 shootout.

He was the definition of “big time players make big time dramas”.

Luke’s teachings

Doncic always statistics come during playoffs.

His 32.7 points per game in the playoffs is second only to Michael Jordan.

But his style of play was not always conducive to victory.

Donsick’s isolation-heavy play style can cause stagnation in offense and his teammates may not get the feeling for the flow of the game.

Opposing teams can focus all their attention on him and give his teammates the courage to defeat them.

Something his teammates didn’t do in the past.

This happened in the first two matches against San.

Donsik scored 45 in Game 1 and 35 in Game 2 in a 28-52 (53.8%) shooting.

In these two games, his teammates scored 69 and 74 in just 48-112 (42.9%) shots.

Luke apparently began to learn the lesson that all greats had to learn – basketball is a team sport.

You will never succeed in the playoffs unless you promote yourself to your teammates.

Here are the statistics for the rest of the games in the Donsik teammates series:

  • 77 points (44.6%) in Game 3: 29-65 – W
  • 85 points (48.3%) in Game 4: 29-60 – W
  • 52 points (35.4%) in Game 5: 17-48 – L.
  • 80 points (47.1%) in Game 6: 24-51 – w
  • 88 points (54.8%) in Game 7: 34-62 – W.

Donsick still got his stats but didn’t let the air out of the ball and let his teammates stagnate.

Jalen Brunson, Spencer Dinwiddie, and the rest of Dallas’ supporting cast all played a role in pushing the Mavericks to the WCF.

And if Donsick takes it one step further in the next round, they could find themselves in the NBA Finals.

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