Loleef fan fired for abusing ‘disgusting’ Hastings, Walker enters Daly M

Fans’ behavior is back in the spotlight after West Tigers halfback Jackson Hastings was “disgusted” after the last night of the NRL’s magic round at Suncorp Stadium.

In the 31st minute of the first half, when he was lining up a conversion effort, Hastings was scolded by the spectators. Shortly after the kick, Hastings warns an officer about abuse.

Channel 9 sideline reporter Emma Lawrence tweeted that “the comments have been confirmed to me by witnesses and are disgusting.

He also posted a scene of the fan being taken away from the venue soon.

The spectator was charged with disorderly conduct and faced a hefty ban, including fines and lengthy bans, for participating in the NRL match.

Visitors sitting near the lower life should be applauded for confirming the offender’s remarks to security personnel.

A brawl broke out on the opening night of the Magic Round when former Queensland State of Origin forward Wayne Cunningham was inadvertently caught in it.

The former Manley, Cowboys and Maroons forward said he had “never seen anything like this” when he and his family were attacked by a group of thugs who were making derogatory remarks about Cunningham’s son Ethan’s girlfriend.

As soon as Walker Daly got into the M race, Yeo got the lead back

Isaah Yeo regained the lead in the Daly M medal race with the best performance of the match in the magic round as the roosters got into a controversy on the young gun Sam Walker leaderboard.

With Ryan Papenhuen out of the field for a month due to a foot injury, Yeo Penrith’s win against Melbourne made another great performance to take Storm fullback to the top.

Walker, who led the Roosters to a crushing victory over Paramatman, came in seventh on the leaderboard with two votes, while Ells midfielder Mitchell Moses surprisingly got a beating three from Judge Greg Alexander.

Daly M Leaderboard

17: Isaiah Yo
15: Mitch Moses, Ryan Papenhuen
14: Ben Hunt
13: Nico Hynes, Daily Cherry-Evans
11: Sam Walker, Adam Reynolds, James Tedesco
10: Nathan Cleary, Dylan Edwards
9: Harry Grant, Ciosifa Talakai, Cameron Munster, Jahrom Hughes

Round 10 votes

Bulldog vs. Knights: 3: David Clemer 2: Mitch Burnett 1: Kalin Ponga. Judge: Luke Lewis
Sea Eagle vs. Broncos: 3: Adam Reynolds 2: Selwyn Cobo 1: Patrick Carrigan. Judge: Ryan Gardler
Warriors vs. Rabbits: 3: Avoid Tatola 2: Cody Walker 1: Reese Walsh Judge: Ben Craig
Titan vs. Dragon: 3: Jaden Campbell 2: Moaki Photo 1: Ben Hunt. Judge: Brett Kimorley
Storm vs. Panthers: 3: Isa Yo 2: Nathan Cleary 1: Dylan Edwards. Judge: Andrew Johns
Shark vs. Rider: 3: Brad Snyder 2: Joseph Tapin 1: Hudson Young. Judge: Paul Whatatura
Cock vs eel: 3: Mitchell Moses 2: Sam Walker 1: James Tedesco (SYD) Judge: Greg Alexander
Tigers vs. Cowboys: 3: Ruben Cutter 2: Chad Townsend 1: Murray Toulagi. Judge: David Shillington

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