‘Like all blacks against the Wallabies’ – also for the Clinical Crusaders

Crusader rugby is built on tough set pieces, taking points when they are on the right edge and counter-attacking with the agility and fun of professional performers.

Hitting the defense in equal parts and referring to a team with desperate, deft tactical kicks and All Blacks (and Argentina’s half-crazy captain) and it’s a headache combination.

Very heady for the Brumbies on Friday night in Canberra, the Crusaders are very smart, very precise and very good for a 37-26 win at GIO Stadium

Jordan and Richie Mo’unga kick with smart and precision; They used the field like a chess board. At 7, Ethan Blackader was ‘everywhere’, as they say. Cody Taylor was also there – for the first half, however.

Suitable for super rugby Pacific heavyweight stout at the same intensity as the finalists, the Crusaders had all the structure, the right options, the pick and drive, the pressure. So much pressure.

The Crusaders have long been the best in Super Rugby because they pile it up and pay the team. They push the Brumbies, even with the home team’s patent rolling maul basically counter.

And when the Brumbies attacked in the last 10 minutes and threatened to try to play within seconds, in reality, for the most part, you were watching and wondering how the Wartara even came so close a fortnight ago.

“We’ve been back in a corner for the last few weeks,” said Crusaders captain Scott Barrett. Stan Sport After the match “Blues tip us up, along with Tahs… we don’t turn to the physical area.

“We’ve been digging a little deeper in the last few weeks to get ready. We’re coming to Canberra, near Brumbis. [the] At the top of the table, we knew we had to be in front. “

Brumbis started scoring in the fifth minute when No. 12 Ira Simon was out and knocked out, only slow motion replays showed the ball was grounded, Brumbis needed for at least a microsecond.

The Crusaders hit back – they do. And they keep hitting. They owned the next 35 minutes, running right then in the middle. There was close-out charge-down and the war dogs bombed and leveled through Taylor. The manga conversion makes it 7-5.

There was a ‘final’ feeling from the start of the match. Both defenses push their opponents. Attacks hit the profit line above it. Punishment was made for the reciprocal error – that too, which the Crusaders did.

Taylor (he hooker, mind) jumped through the Brumbis line, chased Sevu Rees, and was rewarded with a touching bounce that beat Andy Muerhead like Shane Warne.

In the process, Reese became the fastest 40-run player in Super Rugby, beating Joe Ruff’s previous record of 53 in 50 games.

In 20 minutes the Crusaders tore down a driving mall 20 meters away in the middle of the park. The Brumbies somehow find the ball, Rod Iona hits a hole and bolted midfield. Banks and Moorhead had their moments. It was a good attack, patient.

Folau Finga of Brumbis was confronted by Richie Munger of the Crusaders.

Folau Finga of Brumbis was confronted by Richie Munger of the Crusaders. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

The Crusaders set it free. They were doing everything possible to avoid the home team’s weapons: rolling, driving from 10 meters outside.

From there, the errors of the Brumbies are complex. Four consecutive penalties and the Crusaders ‘took points’ in front of a goal like the Brumbis in Hamilton a week ago.

Penalty 30 out leads the crowd, because they knew what was coming: kicked the bank line. Lineout 15 out. Honey time.

And then they stuff it up.

The Crusaders broke the ball twice more in the first half. Brumbies can’t get any speed. Their basic subject was poverty.

Munga scored another penalty, the result of pressure, skill and efficient, quick counter-attack: it was 23-5 at half time, and the crowd was silent on the boundary.

“We’re creating opportunities – we can’t finish them,” he told frustrated banks Stan Sport At half time

“We are moving into the A zone, but we are reducing the pressure. They are a tough team and they are going to run from anywhere. It’s about putting pressure on them. “

They couldn’t do it. However, not for long enough.

Brumbis misses Rob Valentini’s punch and X-Factor. Noah Lolesio was out. Lane Ikitau could not run in the first half, and neither the bank nor the winger could compensate much. Ruff retired more than 20 years ago.

The second half was more competitive. Simon runs a solid and delicate line and scores on the side of the post. It was within 20 meters of the Crusaders line for the first time in 40 minutes.

Pablo Matera belted Darcy Swain with her shoulders and flapping condor arm. Before being replaced by Nick Frost, Cadyon Neville won a defensive lineout and a cheer at the Mall Meninga stand for his problem.

Excitement will not last long as the Crusaders score through halfback Brian Hall. Mringa conversion drill; A gold boot all night. It was 30-12. It wasn’t men against boys. It was like the All Blacks against Wallabies.

Although the Brumbies did not give up. Their structure is also strong. Folau crashed on Finga. An 11-point buffer with 20 minutes to play.

But Jordan scores and Munga opens the bean with another dead-eye kick. Suddenly, the margin was again 18.

Jordan moved to the left, throwing a lazy ball that Wright perfectly expected and tore: 50 runs, turning the dumb and doing a lot of work. Eleven points again, and one of the season’s attempts.

Then, Brumbis won the penalty in the 60 meters out. The crowd is singing “Brumbis”. Five minutes to go. They couldn’t, could they?

Banks brawl them! The frost came hard. Penalty benefits. Just in their wheelhouse – it was a five-meter lineout time.

It wasn’t good. But Simon ran a hole again! Somehow, though, the Crusaders stopped them. And that, effectively, was that.

Brumbies captain Alan Alaalatoa attempted a positive spin a game which lost 40 minutes after the push.

“Of course I loved the heart in the end. But whenever we get to the end of it, we make a lot of mistakes, ”he said Stan Sport.

“Managing errors. At set piece, at lineout. Take yourself to the zone.

“You can’t give as much force as the Crusaders.”

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