Lewis Cine is stepping into the leadership role

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Lewis Cine

At the request of the Vikings’ new head coach Kevin O’Connell, Lewis Cine Rookie took the lead role at the start of the mini-camp.

As the Vikings first-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft, this should come as no big surprise. This is what you want from your first round pick. It was a simple change for Sean, who is a natural leader.

He’s a tone-setting player who leads by example, something he did in college for the Georgia Bulldogs when they claimed the national championship. Leadership naturally comes to the Vikings rookie. Senior personalities such as Patrick Peterson and Harrison Smith will play a key role as leaders and mentors to a young Vikings medium. They are both nearing the end of their careers, and when the time comes, it will be Lewis Cine who will step down as one of the team’s key leaders.

For now, his role will be to be one of the leaders in this year’s scam.

What the Vikings have done since the young security character arrived in Minnesota is already visible. She makes it a goal to meet with anyone she can inside the TCO Performance Center – teammates, coaches and anyone else working in the building. “You know who you’re working with,” Cine said in a recent interview.

“You have to be respectful and courteous to everyone, so I’m starting to know the names of everyone from the people serving the food, whom I just see walking down the hallway. I’m introducing myself and naming them because it may look small, but it goes a long way… that little thing has a big impact, “Cine said.

Outside of the field, Lewis Cine is a soothing character that has already appeared in the short time he has spent in front of the camera – an intelligent man who has time for everyone and can be a popular character throughout the Vikings. Organization.

Once he crossed the white line and entered the football field, a complete transformation took place. After all, he’s all business because his business is becoming physical and hitting opposing players hard.

Lewis Cine has received approval from Future Hoffer
Lewis Cine

In addition to the physical excellence of the game, there are all the features of the scene for the mental aspect as well. He admits to himself that he hasn’t memorized all the checks yet, and that shouldn’t really surprise him. This is a very early day, but it is the standard he sets for himself. He reads the game very well and not only for his advantage but also to get to the position of handing punitive tackles.

He is also a good communicator whose voice can be heard as a Rocky because he is such a player.

In short, what you want from a leader of your football team is Lewis Cine. He will initially be a leader in the rookie camp, but his role will grow over time. Eventually, he will become one of the most influential players on the Vikings list.

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