Kirk’s cousin Derek pegs at the QB level below the car

Kirk's cousin Derek pegs at the QB level below the car

Cork cousin and Derek Carr

Former New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannebaum’s proprietor 33rd team, A football “think tank” website. He commented this week that Derek Carr ranks at the quarterback ranking level above the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Mamato brothers’ mediocrity and flop in the classification is nothing new because the 33-year-old has a 59-59-2 “quarterback record” that some football fans find unreasonable. Like a tennis player’s win-loss record in an individual game, people enjoy determining the number of win-loss quarterbacks in a 53-man team game.

Tannebaum ranks at various levels, starting with the quarterback in 2022, and cousins ​​live in Tier 4, according to a former Jet executive. Tier 4 is defined as, “Tier 4 is static QB, a team knows what they are getting from these starters every week and they are the winners. They are usually smart with football but lack consistency. They are nurtured by the talents around them and show that when that talent is average, they can too. ”

Cork cousin
October 10, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousin. Compulsory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports.

Other Tier 4 passers? Mac Jones of the New England Patriots and Ryan Tanhill of the Tennessee Titans. Tanebaum believes Jones, Tanhill and cousins ​​are badfellows, with seemingly interchangeable crime.

Curiously, Derek Carr lives in Tier 3 with Arizona Cardinal’s Kyler Murray. And that’s a bit weird. Why? Okay, the knock on the cousins ​​is the 59-59-2 record mentioned above. Carr, on the other hand, is immune to QB-record criticism – especially in Tannebaum’s rankings – showing a career win-loss of 57-70 (.448).

In addition, the number of cousins ​​- QB winning on one side – regularly surpasses Carr’s. It’s rather elementary.

Here are the raw numbers from the last four seasons:

Derek Carr vs. Cork Cousin,
From 2018:

Car –
65 start
17,010 passing yards
96 TD
41 INT

63 begins
16,387 passing yards
128 TD
36 INT

January 15, 2022; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Compulsory Credit: Katie Stratman – USA Today Sports

The Cousins ​​dropped 32 more touchdowns and five less interceptions – when two games started less than the car.

Aren’t peddlers sold on passing touchdowns and interceptions as holy grail? Fantastic. Let’s examine 2021 performance through five statistical metrics:

Cork cousin,
Last ranking of 2021:

4th in the passer rating
6th in PFF
7th in DVOA
14th in EPA + CPOE
15th in QBR

And for Carr, through the same metrics:

Derek Carr,
Last ranking of 2021:

8th in DVOA
13th in PFF
14th in the passer rating
14th in QBR
15th in EPA + CPOE

The average of all five metrics for cousins ​​is a total of 9.2 – or a reasonable selection for cousins ​​as the 9th or 10th best quarterback in 2021. The consolidation of all five metric cars is 12.8 – or the NFL’s 132nd as a reasonable estimate of last year’s best pass.

Therefore, Tannebaum’s tearing system completely ignores the “quarterback record” relating to cousins ​​and cars. Then, it basically reverses the placement of layers according to 2021 statistics, because Carr is in a section above the cousins.

Tanebaum describes his Tier 3 setup, where the car sits, thus, “To me, Tier 3 are passers-by who have the potential to play at a higher level every week but are not consistent this season. This could be due to injury, or poor performance. They will win you games on the clutch during the season, but they can also occasionally lose games for the team. At their best, they are Tier 2 players, but above average.

Sowing car seeds on cousins ​​must come down to an eye test or generalization bias, because math doesn’t prove it.

Quarterbacks are considered better than cousins And Who? Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Joe Barrow, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahoms, Duck Prescott, Aaron Rogers, Matthew Stafford, Desan Watson and Russell Wilson.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007. Subscribe to her daily YouTube channel, VikesNow. She Hosts a podcast With Bryant McKinney, which airs every Wednesday Raun Sai And Sally from Minneapolis. His Viking Fandom dates back to 1996. Listed Criminal Pleasures: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, ‘The Sopranos’ and The Doors (Band).

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