Kevin Gaussman is on a different planet this year

Kevin Gaussman of the Toronto Blue Jays # 34 pitches against the New York Yankees during the third inning at Yankee Stadium on April 14, 2022 in the Bronx Borough of New York City.
(Photo by Adam Hunger / Getty Images)

In MLB (and baseball, in general), ERA is a descriptive statistic that says how many runs a pitcher averages in nine innings.

However, this is not necessarily predictable: just having a 3.00 ERA in a jug does not mean that he is good.

Like everything else in life, context is important.

That (approximate) pitcher could have a 3.00 ERA, a 4.98 FIP (fielding independent pitching) and more walks than a strikeout in 20 innings.

It’s not good!

Many analysts and fans generally consider a pitcher’s strikeout-to-walk ratio to be a little more predictable than ERA.

What does prophetic meaning mean in this context?

This means that if the pitcher rarely walks and hits a ton of heaters, his future performance is likely to be better.

After explaining this, ACE Kevin Gaussman of the Toronto Blue Jays is one of the top pitchers in baseball in 2022.

And, as you can probably imagine, his strikeout-to-walk ratio is great.

Strikeout-to-walk ratio by qualified pitchers in 2022: Kevin Gaussman, 13.00; Tyler Anderson, 8.40; Corbin Burns, 6.70; Nathan Eovaldi, 6.63; Maximum fried, 6.50; Aaron Nola, 6.40, tweeted Codify Baseball.

An incredibly productive season

What Gaussman is doing is not surprising.

He is on top of the competition head and shoulders in avoiding free passes and compiling strikeouts.

Strikes are great for pitchers: since there is no ball in the game, there is no risk of injury or injury to the hitter.

In 2022, in solid AL East, there were five walks against Gaussman’s 65 (!) Strikeouts.

It’s amazing.

Its ERA is a rock-solid 2.25 in 56 frames.

He’s the perfect ace for one of baseball’s up-and-coming powerhouses.

Blue Jess really can’t ask for more.

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