Just like NRL players, not all Jarno are ‘the worst people’

Hey Paul,

How are you? It’s been a week, huh?

Sorry about your partner Trent Barrett. It was definitely tough.

If you could do anything … I don’t know … 80 minutes a week that would help him stay in his job.

I saw the little explosion that you made on Monday by calling the rugby league reporters “the worst kind of people.” The pot kettle is called black.

Apologies, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Daniel, and I’m one of the “worst kind of people” you mentioned One of those people who is lucky enough to spend their days chatting and writing about the greatest game, as well as someone who knows well enough that not all rugby league players – or anyone else – should be caught with the same brush.

Because some do great things, and some do foolish things.

I’m glad you felt a lot of emotion after the news of Trent Barrett’s “resignation” as coach, and you were probably not in the best frame of mind. A lot was going on.

You see the media waiting outside, knowing that they will want to question you. Dance before you dance this. But as always, you don’t have to respond.

You could say nothing and walk straight to your car. You can even say “no comments”. But no, you have to be smart.

You had to dig in to wait for Jarnos to do their job and report on the breaking rugby league news.

I understand that not everyone has common sense, it is not so common. If someone warns you not to talk to anyone before you go out, then you have not said anything that could make the situation worse.

Oh, wait, someone did. Phil Gold, general manager of your club.

But as you have shown effortlessly in the past, you have never been able to follow orders.

The name Paul Vaughan was once synonymous with phrases such as ‘Star Forward’, ‘Tough Player’, ‘Origin’ and ‘Australian Representative’.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - April 15: Paul Vaughan of the Bulldogs and teammates look depressed during the sixth round of the NRL match between the South Sydney Rabitos and the Canterbury Bulldogs at the Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia on April 15, 2022.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Now, people call it ‘BBQ Gate’, ‘Dismissed Player’ and ‘Isn’t He Caught in Sexting Scandal?’

So, I hope you can forgive me if I find it extremely funny that you are going on someone else’s honesty. Do you think “people in glass houses should not be stoned to death?”

Now, I’m not saying that all rugby league reporters are perfect. Away from it. Some, especially recently, have shown a very bad side of their personality. But mostly hardworking and industrious.

And what else do you know? We don’t consolidate all NRL players and don’t call them grabs when a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

I always get protection when the whole code is labeled incorrectly – thank you for showing me the same courtesy.

You may not like or dislike League Jarnos, but I can’t help feeling it because of what has been reported about you in the past. Maybe next time don’t give us so much ammunition.

We could all be really good friends.

You are responsible for what you do and how you work. We are responsible for reporting this.

Was it a great game? We will report it. Make a bad performance? We will report it. Constantly do stupid things, break your contract, and then call us the worst kind of people? I think you know where I’m going with this.

We are the bridge between the party and the supporters. There are days when both sides of the bridge don’t like us, but that’s part of the job. Sometimes we have to report things that are not good or can annoy others, such as when players think they are above all and violate the COVID protocol.

Just because of our job title, don’t think for a second that we are all the same, or that you are better than any of us.

The worst kind of people don’t all have the same profession. But many of them have the same characteristics – they lie, they cheat, they think of themselves first, they blame everyone else for their problems and they have very small memories.

Familiar words, Paul?

Okay, I said my piece, I’ll let you stay.

I am sure that no matter how busy you are, you will find various BBQ stores in England.

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