Josh Hader actually became automatic in 2022

Josh Header # 71 of the Milwaukee Brewers threw a pitch in the ninth inning against the Atlanta Braves at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 16, 2022.
(Photo by Stacey Rever / Getty Images)

Everyone knows how influential Josh Hadar can be.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ Closer is undoubtedly one of the best in baseball.

We don’t see too many influential left-handed close ones, but Hadar is definitely one of them.

Looks like it’s automatic whenever he goes to the mound.

He will blow you away with his electric fastball and make his way through the ninth inning, closing the door on the opponent he has to deal with.

A Brewers insider has pointed out how influential Header has been on Twitter so far this season.

The left-hander was perfect in all of his save chances, pitching no runs in 13.1 innings and allowing only two hits a year.

Hadar is nasty

This is what domination looks like.

It seems that every time the Brewers take the lead in the ninth inning, there is no chance for the opponent to fight.

It’s almost a lock.

It’s almost automatic whenever Hader comes out on top of the mound.

He has been virtually unhealthy since last July and is not slowing down.

The Brewers already have a nasty starting staff, but that bullpen, led by Hader, helps keep their lead intact as they close the game.

Hadar is one of those pitching staff you don’t want to deal with under any circumstances.

He is so influential that batting against him seems almost futile.

No doubt he’s one of the best close-ups in baseball, if not the best.

Hader can pound the zone with his fastball and he has multiple ways that he can beat you.

This is best if you do not face it.

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