Josh Donaldson will be with or without suspension

New York Yankees 'Josh Donaldson # 28, Aaron Hicks # 31, and umpire Will Little Little # 93, in the fifth inning at the Yankee Stadium in May after a bench-clearing dispute with the Chicago White Sox' Yasmani Grandale # 24 (pictured) In the Bronx borough of the city.
(Photo by Sarah Steer / Getty Images)

MLB has decided to suspend a game to New York Yankees’ third baseman Josh Donaldson for his role in the bench-clearing incident in the game against the Chicago White Sox on Sunday.

Donaldson admits he called White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie,” referring to a 2019 interview where he said he felt like today’s Jackie Robinson.

Donaldson said he thought it was an internal joke with Anderson and that he had spoken similarly to him in the past.

But Anderson and his teammates did not take it very kindly and felt disrespected.

The league said in a statement that Donaldson’s remarks were “disrespectful and weak judgment, especially when viewed in the light of their previous interactions.”

Donaldson is applying for suspension, but he will not be on the active list for a few days, regardless of MLB discipline.


Because he is currently on the COVID-19 list along with Joey Gallo and Kyle Higashioka.

He will be out for a few days

“About Josh Donaldson, Joey Gallo and Kyle Higashioka (COVID-19 IL), Aaron Boone says all three players are ‘not just feeling good; they’re feeling sick. It’s not just allergies. They’re not available to play,'” Brian Hoch said. , Who covers the Yankees for, tweeted Tuesday.

Looking at things, it turns out that the three players will be out for at least some time.

Their symptoms seem to be a little more severe than the average person, so it will take a few days for them to feel healthy, rested and 100 percent.

Once that is done, they will rejoin the team.

The Yankees have hit somewhat rough patches in the last few days, but they are still the first in the AL East.

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