Joey Votto returns to singles this week

The Cincinnati Reds' Joey Voto reacts after hitting in the third inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at the Great American Ball Park on April 22, 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
(Photo by Dylan Buell / Getty Images)

Cincinnati Reds slugger Joey Voto is on his way back from a time on the COVID-19 list.

He has started a nightmare of the season (as the whole team has), and perhaps determining his place on the COVID-19 list could help explain how badly he looks at the plate.

It is also possible that he has just begun to feel the harshness of his advanced age (38 years).

Anyway, he’s about to return to the Reds’ active list, but first, he’ll stop at the organization’s high-affiliate for some tune-up at-bats.

The Dayton Dragon already has a uniform for him.

The Dayton Dragon will welcome the old friend

Voto last played for the Dragons in 2012, in charge of another rehabilitation.

He actually avoided the A-ball, which went through the minor league ranks as a possibility, being placed in the double-A for his first professional experience in 2006.

Voto, who actually got a great recovery season in 2021 after three medium years, is trying to prove that there is still plenty of gas left in his tank.

Although he has to do better.

In his first 22 games, he dropped three RBIs to .122 / .278 / .135 with a minimum of .122 / .278 / .135, four runs and 90 plate appearances.

Like the whole Reds team, he looked out of rhythm.

But we all know Voto is capable of many things.

Last season, he hit 36 ​​home runs and cut .266 / .375 / .563.

Time, so far, is undefeated, but Voto will probably extend his downfall for the next part of his career.

If he has anything left, he will have the rest of the season to show it and prove it.

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