Joe Barrow is already the top leader in the NFL

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Barrow reacts to an overtime 27-24 win over Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game at the Arrowhead Stadium on January 30, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.
(Photo Jamie Square / Getty Images)

For Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Barrow, 2021 was a great season.

The young quarterback returned from injury to lead his team to the Super Bowl 56.

The heroism towards the end of his quarterfinals in the AFC Championship shows the Bengals their first Super Bowl since the 80s.

The second year quarterback has done something with the Bengals that no one could have imagined.

When people wrote him off, he took his team to the Super Bowl

However, he is familiar with the championship game and the name is being written.

Joe Barrow is a championship breed quarterback

Turning it into one of the biggest games in football is something that Burroughs is familiar with.

The former LSU quarterback won a national championship with them in 2020.

So turning it into a big game is something familiar to him.

He also won the Heisman Trophy in his national championship season with LSU.

Very few college players have the honor of winning that trophy and a national championship.

But twelve did because there is a championship breed about him.

However, not everyone believes he is the championship element.

He is too late to return

Heisman began his career in the champion quarterback Ohio State

However, they did not see him as their starting quarterback.

Ohio State dropped him, forcing the quarterback to make a change.

He then moved to LSU, taking them to a national championship.

So even in his college years, Barrow had doubts about those who did not believe him.

However, he is now making comparisons between her and other quarterbacks.

The next Tom Brady is twelve in the eyes of some NFL fans

A quarterback NFL team and pundits know all about writing off.

That quarterback is Tom Brady.

People saw him as very slow, small and powerless.

However, Brady showed everyone that he was better than what he saw in her.

After 23 years and seven Super Bowl championships, Brady is still out of the NFL.

Whatever happens with Barrow’s winning drive, some say he’s the next Brady.

Those NFL fans believe he can not only prove people wrong, but win championships like Brady.

There is a reason for people to compare this to the talent that Barrow has in Cincinnati.

However, was his Super Bowl 56 appearance a fluke, or was Burrows here to stay as a Super Bowl contender?

The Bengals gave Baro the best offensive weapon for success

The biggest weapon for the Twelve in Cincinnati is the Jamar Chase.

Chase is his former wide receiver teammate from LSU.

Since the two have a connection from college, they bring it to Cincinnati.

Chase was the offensive rookie of the year for twelve.

He was also within a few yards of breaking a rookie single-season record for taking the yard.

In addition to being his old LSU teammate, he has also surpassed Joe Mixon.

When Mixon is healthy, he is a field animal.

He ran in the top ten and fit the defense.

With these two players in the offense, twelve can prove that he is the real deal.

He can continue to show a top NFL player around them.

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