Jock Pederson and Francisco Linder get together for a historic night

Joe Pederson of the San Francisco Giants hit a # 23 two-run home run against the New York Mets in the fifth inning in Oracle Park on May 24, 2022 in San Francisco, California.
(Photo by Theron W. Henderson / Getty Images)

Tuesday night’s game between the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants was nothing short of a classic, even in May.

It was a back and forth affair that included several big moments, with the Mets rallying to take the lead from the 8-2 deficit, just to get the Giants back.

In the San Francisco 13-12 final, Brandon Crawford’s walk-off singles won the ninth game, but there was heroism on both sides.

Jock Pederson had a three-homer, eight-RBI night, and Francisco Lindore had his own impressive play, a six-run fly and two homers.’s Sarah Langs mentioned on Twitter that this is the first game since 2017 where two players from different teams had a six-plus RBI in the same game.

A historic night

This game was definitely a wild one.

These two teams went to each other with everything they had and didn’t give an inch.

Pederson and Linder took part in a show with some epic performances and gave us a game that could be considered a classic, even earlier this season.

And this is the first time in five years that two opposing players in the same game had six or more RBIs.

It’s definitely something you don’t see every day.

Pederson led the way for the Giants when Linder gave his all to try on that historic night.

The game has shown some big returns from the late deficit.

Both parties gave their all and never gave up, no matter how far ahead or behind.

It was just two great teams that showed each other what each side was made of.

It sets up a rubber game between the two sides in their series final today.

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