Joc Pederson comments who helped him make a record night

Crawford celebrates after San Francisco Giants' Brandon Crawford # 35 and Jock Pederson # 23 beat the New York Mets 13-12 at Oracle Park on May 24, 2022 in San Francisco after the walk-off of RBI single score Darren Roof # 33 , California.
(Photo by Theron W. Henderson / Getty Images)

Jock Pederson had an epic night against the New York Mets, as he and the San Francisco Giants had a wild win in the 13-12 final.

Pederson did exactly what the Giants brought him.

He hit three home runs and had eight RBIs in the Giants ’comeback win.

But before the game, Pederson, a resident of the Bay Area, had a chance to catch up with a legend, Barry Bond.

Giants insider Andrew Baggerley tweeted about the meeting between Pederson and Bond, and described how Pederson credited Bonds for his epic night, citing it as the best discussion of his hit so far.

Legend at the meeting

If you want to hit the advice and the bond is around, then don’t look anymore.

Anyone looking for it is bound to give him some good injury advice.

And Pederson certainly benefited from their speech, as anyone would.

Depending on how you look at the debate over whether he belongs in the hall, Bonds has arguably made the game’s biggest hitter and some hall-of-fame numbers.

Whatever it is, Bond is bound to have some good tips on injuries that could benefit any baseball player.

Pederson grew up as Bond’s idol, and eventually he had the opportunity to meet and talk to her.

That’s a dream come true.

And with a historic night like that, it’s better to follow.

Many players can’t say they’ve had a chance to meet the legend, but Pederson can.

He can also be blamed for the success he had on the plate for those meetings and conversations because he led the Giants to a jaw-dropping victory.

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