Jet Rookie made ridiculous comments on the viral photo

A New York Jets helmet sits in an equipment case during the second half of an NFL Precision game against the Atlanta Falcons on August 15, 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.
(Photo by Todd Kirkland / Getty Images)

The New York Jets selected seven rookies during the 2022 NFL Draft.

However, their last pick came in the fourth round, with Texas A&M picking defensive end Michael Clemens.

Their draft board started with cornerback Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner with the top-heavy, fourth overall pick with three first-rounders.

The Jets took Garrett Wilson and Jermaine Johnson second in the first round.

But out of all their draft picks, second-rounder Bryce Hall is making the most noise because of his recent photo.

The NFL shared a photo of their uniformed rookie on ESPN.

The picture was zoomed in on the hall where he looked as if he was not in the mood for a picture.

Without smiling, he looked like he was having his worst day.

After the photo went viral, Hall tweeted that he was not crazy when the photo was taken.

The former Iowa State standout off guard was probably caught when the photographer pressed the shutter.

The Jets took the hall in the second round of the 2022 draft, four picks after the first round was over.

But that could be the look of how the defenders would have looked at him if he had translated his game from college to professional.

Hall could be a danger from the backfield

Last season, the Jets finished 27th per game racing yard at 98.1.

They have also averaged 18.2 points per game due to the futility of their run games, the fifth-worst in the league in 2021.

The Jets hope Hall can improve their running game the way he was shocked for the whirlwind.

Hall had a 1,000-yard running season in a row to end his collegiate career.

It had 1,572 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2020 and 1,472 yards and 20 touchdowns a year later.

The Jets need this level of production from their AFC East rivals to stay toe-to-toe.

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