Jack Odorizi shared comments about his injury

The Houston Astros' Jake Odorigi pitched # 17 against the Boston Red Sox during the first innings on May 16, 2022 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Photo by Vinslow Townson / Getty Images)

Houston Astros pitcher Jake Odorizi looks like a serious, long-term injury Monday night and had to stretch off the field.

He feared he would tear his Achilles tendon, an injury that would take him away for the rest of the season and would mean a long recovery process.

Thanks to everyone involved, Odorizi underwent an MRI that revealed only a few strains and sprains of other ligaments around the ankle.

He missed a bullet, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to take the ball at his next start.

“Jack Odorizi at his current pain level: ‘It doesn’t feel comfortable, but when does something happen in the first place?’ He said as reporter Chandler shared by Rome.

This is a quote with a deeper meaning: perhaps he is referring to life itself, but perhaps, he is referring to the obstacles and injuries that one has to deal with in a single season.

It is unusual for a jug to be 100 percent healthy

Pitchers, and athletes in general, are rarely 100 percent.

Professional sports are extremely demanding, and it is often the athletes who have to play through some of the pain.

In Odorizi’s particular case, he will probably need to rest for a while to return.

He said he heard a big pop while on the mound on Tuesday.

According to Rome, “one of the tendons we urinated runs parallel to Achilles,” Odorigi said.

“That’s what they think came from Big Pop.”

It doesn’t sound like a pretty sensation to anyone, but these things happen.

Hopefully we’ll see Odorizi back to a major league mound soon, taking him to where he left off.

With a 3.13 ERA and a 1.17 whip, he pitched very well late.

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