‘It’s human nature’: Taha Tane’s wallabis ambition and his quest to be

It seems a little premature to ask him about playing for No. 10 Ten Edmund’s Wallabis, who started his career in the Seven Wars.

But yes, we are there. Due to James O’Connor’s injury, and Quad Cooper’s availability due to eligibility issues, AdMed has been considered a potential test call this winter.

Admed didn’t laugh at the problem when asked by The Roar in a media call on Wednesday, showing a level of reassurance we’ve seen on the field over the past seven weeks since taking the position from good friend Ben Donaldson.

“It’s human nature to think about such things,” Edmed says of his wallabies chattering around the possibility.

“It simply came to our notice then. I would like to wear 10 jerseys for Walabi.

“But that says I’m trying not to worry about it and trying to focus on winning games every week and for Tahas because our job as 10 is to manage games and achieve those wins.

“As good as it would be to be in the Wallabies jersey, I’m really trying hard to focus every week and get better and winning games for Tahas and take care of these kinds of things myself.”

Tane Edmed (Photo by Getty Images)

There will be some people who say that talking about Admed in terms of Wallabis representation at this early stage of his professional career can put a lot of pressure on him.

After a few minutes with Admed it became clear that he didn’t see it that way. His quest is to be “world class”, and if you don’t play for your country you won’t get that praise.

The son of a Balmain rugby league hero is ready to show his passion – as he did after leading the team to victory against the Crusaders – and openly discusses the challenges he faces in this landmark season.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is how important the basics are, especially with the kicking of the general game,” AdMed said.

“It probably wasn’t where I wanted it to be and it has been a bit above that step.

In terms of my development, it has been about building that confidence and playing the way I can play and the style I can play.

“I like to take the line. The communication has been quite physical and you need to have that confidence to get in line. This is the game management that I’m still learning a bit at this level.

“That’s why it’s important to have someone like Jack Gordon inside, we break up our games and talk about where we could go better.

These basics are very important – the accuracy of your pass, the accuracy of your kick, the comms that are all placed under the microscope a little bit more, so it’s making it and trying to make it a world-class standard. “

Adams’ self-confidence and maturity were highlighted when his Tahs teammate Charlie Gamble came on the starting line-up.

“He wasn’t very sure what his role in the team was going to be this year,” Gamble said Wednesday. “Dono leads the ship until he is injured but Ten falls straight in and you can tell how good a player he is.

“He manages the team really well. He’s a natural ball player and we just feed behind him.”

Personal and well-spoken, it is clear that Edmid’s breath of fresh air in a dressing room – a tangible symbol of the cultural change engendered by Darren Coleman.

“He’s a good guy, everyone loves him,” Gamble said. “A good real person, and it goes with his rugby. We’re very close to the field. What he does on the field is awesome. We support him, he supports himself and that’s the main thing.”

There was a sign of his confidence until the Crusaders’ match. The Kiwis were thrilled when Richie Munga decided to leave, but Admed did not share it.

“I was disappointed when Ritchie didn’t play. It was good for our team and I understand that but it would have been really great to run against one of the top five-eighth team in the world, “said Edmund, who can fight Bouden Barrett against the Blues this weekend.

“I always look up to Bouden Barrett when I’m coming and it would be great if I could come up against him, he’s one of the best in the world so it would be a really great experience, especially Leichhart. Hopefully I’ll see him on that team sheet.” . ”

And the Blues, who could rest the stars by locking down the top spot, could also free Roger Tuivasa-Shake in Edmund’s defensive zone.

“I have worked with [Jason Gilmore] This week, I’m making sure my legs and tracking are all right – and remember that he’s a man too.

“You don’t have to read too much but be aware of his legs and his strong ball bearing.”

Edend crossed a landmark last week when he sided with Ned Hannigan in support of ending the second-half effort, leading Jeremy Williams to a five-pointer hunt.

“Jeremy tried to hide there inside me, but I wanted to make sure I beat him,” Admed said.

“I almost made a forward pass trying to get the ball in my hands.

“Crossing the line for the first time was definitely nice and the support play thing is something I’m trying to do because that’s when you try your best, in support.

“Jazz and I were close and we laughed about it, that I made sure I could make that effort between him and Ned.”

Admed’s next step is to stop his goal kicking process. He is trying to convert 81 percent, including 26 to 21, according to rugby pass statistics. You can see her chatting to herself while she’s getting ready to run.

“I say quite a bit but it’s something I want to keep to myself,” said Admed.

“It’s not something special, just some technical issues that I want to focus on. I was not very happy on the weekend. I missed a few important penalties in the last few weeks. I’m working hard with Shannon Fraser to fix that. “

If Tahs makes a decent run in the next few weeks, the noise around the Admed and Gold jerseys will be even louder.

Former Wallabis Will Zenia joins The Roar Rugby Podcast on Thursday to give her verdict on the Wallabis No. 10 fight and more. Stories and podcasts live on Thursday mornings.

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