Is Kirk Cousin facing any real pressure in 2022?

Cork cousin # 8 of the Minnesota Vikings wears a helmet "End of racism" During a game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on October 17, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
(Photo by Mike Comer / Getty Images)

The 2022 NFL regular season schedule is over and the teams are counting down the start days.

Football fans are counting the days until the NFL starts again.

However, Minnesota Vikings fans are looking at quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​with great intensity.

There are many reasons why those fans are testing every step he takes in 2022.

The first reason comes from the veteran quarterback signing a one-year extension with the 35 million worth of team.

In his four seasons with the Vikings, he has taken them to the playoffs in just one season.

The lack of an NFL playoff presence, including an extension of his contract, puts pressure on him to perform now.

Vikings fans don’t want a $ 35 million quarterback who can’t make the playoffs

While ownership cousins ​​should have high expectations, fans may have high expectations.

They are upset because they did not get the play-off.

Fans are tired of watching their team miss the playoffs, as the Green Bay Packers punch their tickets to the NFL playoffs.

When you examine the cost of his contract alongside Tom Brady, you wonder why you can’t get a good quarterback for less money.

If Cousins ​​doesn’t play off now, fans will call for his head.

This puts all the pressure on him for 2022.

Can cousins ​​prove he’s worth 35 million?

As the Cousins ​​enter their 11th NFL season, he is the second-oldest quarterback in NFC North behind Aaron Rogers.

Although Rogers showed how a rookie quarterback could encourage him to be a two-time MVP at his age, the Cousins ​​don’t have it.

A rookie quarterback has no pressure to lose his starting job, just the pressure to make it to the playoffs.

But could the 34-year-old turn his career around when the NFL season begins in 2022?

Probably, if he works.

He has to study the game film of his best moments in Minnesota.

He needs to study his opponents better so that he can be prepared for them.

Some of these things will help.

However, if his defense can help with turnover and stop their opponents, it will help even more.

He can rely on Dalvin Cook to help with the offense in the ongoing game.

That means it has all the tools it needs to improve in 2022.

But we won’t see if he can use those tools until the season starts.

Is 2022 the last chance for cousins ​​with Minnesota?

In 2022 everything with crime is in the hands of cousins.

He can help create or break crime with the calling of his game and how he plays.

However, the most important thing he can do in 2022 is to make the NFL playoffs.

If he can’t do that, it could be the last spell for him with Minnesota.

If he doesn’t make it to the playoffs, they can reduce their losses with him.

If they do not, fans will demand that they fire their cousins ​​or do business.

So with failure, it could mean the end of the cousin era in Minnesota.

However, in a playoff season, his career could live with the Vikings.

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