Is Jonathan Taylor the best young Arab in the NFL?

Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts scored # 28 in the first half of their game against the Las Vegas Riders on December 13, 2020 at the Allegiance Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Colts defeated the Raiders 44-27.
(Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts returned an incredible young run in Jonathan Taylor last season.

The 23-year-old running back had a great season last year.

He is one of the main reasons the Colts are close to making the NFL play-offs in 2021.

In two seasons with the Colts, he has run for about 3,000 yards and about 30 touchdowns.

People are buzzing about him in everything he did in Indianapolis.

But is he returning to the best young NFL?

Taylor smashed all other running backs in 2021

The 2021 season had a remarkable season for the lagging star that has put other running backs to shame.

His 1,811 racing yard was 552 yards ahead of the next closest runner, Nick Chubb.

18 touchdowns from 2021 put him three touchdowns ahead of Damien Harris and James Connor.

He also caught the most 20+ and 40+ yard rush last season.

Taylor holds the top spot in every single running figure.

However, he could give the team something more in 2022 with veteran quarterback Matt Ryan on the roster.

Ryan could use Taylor as a versatile weapon

With Ryan joining the team, the youngsters can run back and improve further.

Taylor’s explosive power, combined with his great field of vision, gives him an edge over others who have run in the NFL.

Ryan will use that dangerous combination with Play Action Pass.

This now makes Taylor a threat in ground games and passing games.

To force him to focus the maintenance on him, the cunning experienced quarterback could use the deep passes of the downfield as the opening.

However, he has to make sure that Taylor gets a lot of carry to force the defense to keep the focus on him.

If he does, the trend of youth success in 2022 will continue.

Is Taylor the next Derrick Henry of the Colts?

Although Taylor dominated every race, young and old, in 2021, some thought he was as good as Derrick Henry.

Even Hall of Fame likes Barry Sanders Taylor.

Although many runners aspire to be like Sanders, most current NFL fans see Henry as the standard of football today.

By showing Taylor last season, he impressed many fans and players.

However, is he really the next Derrick Henry?

When you compare the two based on their best seasons, you see some similarities.

Henry saw his best season in 2020 when Taylor arrived in 2021.

According to Statehead Football, Taylor had one more touchdown and more 0.1 yards per effort than Henry compared to the best season.

However, the biggest issue in the comparison is how the young man who ran back got double the reception and had two receiving touchdowns.

This gave him a double threat compared to Henry.

Few running backs, young or old, can be a double threat outside the backfield.

Taylor is extremely talented and a working horse for the Colts to run.

He showed everyone what he could do, and he was molded by Derrick Henry.

However, he may be the young man who came back to break the mold that made him the best young Arab in the NFL right now.

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