Is Baker Mayfield overrated? (3 reasons why he is)

Baker Mayfield # 6 of the Cleveland Browns warm up during the game against the Baltimore Ravens on November 28, 2021 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Photo by Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

2022 was not a good year for Baker Mayfield.

He is coming into a season where he has not only performed poorly, he has been injured.

His team, the Cleveland Browns, dropped him as their starting quarterback for Desan Watson.

Some Brown supporters think Mayfield is a great quarterback, which is mind blowing.

However, he is not the worst NFL quarterback around.

But he is overrated by the way some fans see him.

Here are three reasons why Mayfield is overrated.

3. She’s a carbon copy of Sam Darnald

2018 NFL Draft Two quarterbacks have been drafted during the first three picks.

The first selection was Mayfield by Cleveland.

The third pick was Sam Darnald of the New York Jets.

These two quarterbacks are very similar in their statistics.

On a per-game basis, Mayfield is slightly better than Darnald.

However, the former Jets quarterback never had a weapon in the passing game.

If you take up arms from Mayfield, the comparison may turn out differently.

The only reason he took the Browns to the playoffs was because of the talent around him.

His receiver, running back and defense have made life in the NFL easier for him.

He could not have made the playoffs without the help of these talented players.

Darnald could have taken Cleveland to the playoffs with that same talent.

2. Mayfield showed no emotion after learning about Watson

When you find out you’re being replaced, what Mayfield has done is something that doesn’t make a person look enthusiastic about his team.

If he loves Cleveland as much as he believes, he will fight for a starting job.

He will go on the field to show his passion for Cleveland and prove that he is better than Watson.

However, the first thing he wanted to do was bald tail and race.

He claimed a trade after hearing the story of Cleveland’s meeting with Watson.

When you want to leave after receiving bad news, it shows that you are not a fan of your team.

It also shows one last thing that makes him overrated.

1. Mayfield is not the leader who saw him as Cleveland

A leader can always take responsibility and responsibility.

They may face adversity no matter where they come from.

Leadership is also something that every NFL team needs to succeed at the highest level.

However, this is something that Mayfield clearly does not have.

Instead of being a leader with his team, he wants to leave his teammates behind.

Receiver Jarvis Laundry even showed frustration with the offensive leadership.

He felt that he had given everything, meaning that the culprit had given nothing.

Someone must be Mayfield, who is supposed to be a leader in crime.

But he doesn’t need or think Cleveland is the offensive leader.

He could prove to everyone that he could lead the Browns team.

He could prove that he was willing to get his starting job back.

However, with him not being a real leader on the Browns roster, he is willing to step down.

This lack of leadership makes him overrated and will haunt him forever.

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