In the chaotic first half between the Broncos and the Titans, Has Bod and three Binds

Payne Hus was reprimanded in one of the most tumultuous first seasons of the season at the Suncorp Stadium between the Brisbane Broncos and the Gold Coast Titans, and three players were sent to Sean Bean.

The Brisbane star, who announced his intention to leave the club earlier this week, was greeted warmly by his own supporters at the first touch of football and then congratulated on every move.

The referee also came for some treatment: Gerard Sutton sent three from the field in the first half hour.

Jordan Ricky was the first to go, although the call actually came from the bunker rather than the referee. Tank Toby Sexton, a Broncos backer, was hit late and recklessly after the ball was passed.

Later in the day, the Titans’ Sam McIntyre and Asan Masters were also banned for professional fouls, leaving the Broncos with a two-run lead late in the half.

Outside of Bose and Bean, the Titans were able to take a 24-4 lead, including an attempt to make it with only 11 men.

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