If you are not the first, you are the last

Ah yes, wise words, and from one of the most knowledgeable professional athletes in the world – unrivaled, and great, Ricky Bobby!

In fact, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last” played this week, with Harry finding himself in a real Schrodinger cat situation. With Geoff and Digger trailing by one point, clearing by one point from me, and with the unique tip of Moana Pacifica in Tuesday night’s game against Western Force, Harry was equal first and last.

“Isn’t the crowd coming first?” I can hear the pungent, professional voice asking, to which my answer is, “pfft.”

Of course, while you’re all reading this, Harry is no longer both the first and the last. But it was fun to know that he had been confused for a few days.

Last weekend the results were much more stable on the front, with lots of fives and sixes being recorded on Sunday nights compared to fours and threes in recent weeks. By Tuesday fulltime, we had earned our first perfect seven-game card for the season, Geoff did well and literally picked up the wet sail for the season-end run.

And interestingly, Bouden Barrett’s 81st-minute drop-goal secured the top spot for everyone’s favorite team, simultaneously canceling that there would be a three-way tie at the top between Geoff, Digger and me (and what would happen? Side tie). This will turn off a fun old change from the previous week.

The tightness of the panel this season tells me that this season has been fought incredibly closely by both the panel tipper and the field tipper. Which only further underlines the mantra of Ricky Bobby’s life.

In the end, we are all big, hairy, American winning machines.

Last week: Geoff 7; Digger, Brett and The Crowd 6, Harry 5

Overall: The Crowd 62, Geoff and Digger 60, Brett and Harry 58


Tips: Crusaders, Chiefs, Brumbis, Blues, Hurricanes, Rebels

With the last eight remaining, it could be weeks for a tiny disaster. But the gap between the top team and the bottom team feels too much for this to happen and so another ‘White Bread / Missionary position’ this week will provide regular tips.

That statement comes with Ryder saying that, at the time of writing, we don’t know who the Blues will bring to Sydney. All we know is that Tahas will keep their strongest available side in the park, and that should be enough to fill the hill again at Leachard Oval, not enough to get them chocolate.

Mark Nawakanitawas of Waratah makes an attempt.

(Photo by Pete Davgan / Speed ​​Media / Icon Sportswear via Getty Images)

The only other match that really seems to be in contention is Sunday afternoon’s game between the Highlanders in Melbourne – now without Sam Gilbert – and the Rebels. How can we line up this party?

The Highlanders are actually New Zealand’s fifth-best team, Litter’s run. The Rebels, on a good day, are Australia’s fourth-best team, though the forces, according to those who know, are at the top of the list.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s not much in it. Since you can’t conquer these tipping tremors without at least being a little brave, and since they’re actually okay and have fixed something in case of injury, I’m going to side with the rebels.

Exactly: We won’t see anything bad this week, not even this season, one of the clowns who insisted that Sam Gilbert had calmed down because of his tip tackle, as Michael Hooper contributed to the exclusion of his own head.


Tips: Crusader, Chiefs, Brumbis, Blues, Hurricane, Highlander

So, Sam Gilbert, will forever be synonymous with ruining my third perfect week in a row. Of course, some may say there is more to it than that but it is easy to blame Sam.

This round seems to be straight ahead but there are a few games that make me a little nervous. Not seeing the team also became a source of discomfort for me.

There is no doubt that the Reds will extend their winning streak to two in a singles match in Christchurch on Friday.

I will get plenty of supplies for Saturday. I don’t think Lautoka would be a cakewalk but the Chiefs should have dropped it, while the Brumbeys should have recorded a rare win but not really a win in New Zealand.

You will support the Blues after the results of this season, but will they come forward with their best? Don’t know, but still have to support the top team at the table when the force at home can be a tough proposition, including a sniff of a final chance. There should be enough points in Cannes to accomplish this, while my gut feeling is that the Highlanders will be very keen to erase last week’s disappointing effort and send the rebels away.

Exactly: With Sam out for five weeks now I feel confident about getting back to tipping in a perfect week.


Tips: Crusaders, Chiefs, Brumbis, Waratah, Hurricane, Highlander

This is another of those weeks that looks anxiously straight, which after three weeks of making the perfect round, I can’t help but feel like we’re having some trouble this week.

Straight away, the Crusaders, the Chiefs and the Brumbeys will all win very well, I think. I mean, it would be nice to see the Reds do a huge favor to the Brumbs by defeating the Crusaders, but who really trusts a bunch of Queenslanders? Well, I don’t.

I would actively encourage the Force and the Rebels to rise, and if both did, it would mean the former would be hiding in the eighth. And my commitment to this course, I am ready to die for my patent kiss on their opposition. Welcome, Force fans.

And to conclude, I don’t know, I think the Varatas go up.

Even NZ teams work on a different team announcement schedule for the Australian side – and here’s a fancy idea for 2023: integrated, competitive team announcements! – The worst kept and spread rumor in rugby this week is that the Blues are sending a second Stringers to Sydney this weekend.

And I like that Tahs thinks they can beat anyone, anywhere at the moment, and confidence and momentum are strong things, but I don’t think NSW will miss the chance to take another big scalp before the final.

Let the hill be full, and let the Blues’ unbeaten run stop.

Exactly: I remember the Champions Cup final on Sunday morning at midnight Australian time.


Tips: Crusader, Chiefs, Brumbis, Blues, Hurricane, Highlander

The final countdown! Who would have thought that the Little Warriors would win just one less than the mighty Brumbis going to the last round when it started?

The Reds are a decent team, but not ready to win in Christchurch against the Chrysadar crowd who are getting ready for the end of this long and winding season of business. The Crusaders.

Similarly, the Chiefs will prepare for the tough test of the playoffs and win a victory by escaping from a historic tour in Lautoka.

Moana Pacific has not been lucky in their schedule this season. They will face a furious and angry Brumby group provoked by a righteous (but wrong head) rage in a reference. Brumbies by 20 points and ten penalties.

The Waratahs will let the Blues go well, especially as the spectators are probably resting on the original stars, but the top team has enough (and has learned to win ugly).

The hurricane will blow up the forces. The rebels will suffer the wrath of the Highlanders.

Exactly: With post-season fixtures now being decided, the South African gambit can be better assessed at the URC. The URC has qualified for the playoffs with three SAFA teams and the top European clubs competing next year.

The Sturmers won the SA plate and had a chance to host the playoffs until the final (if Seeding holds, vs. Leinster). Maybe everyone is off well?

Round 15 Harry Geoff Excavator Brett The crowd
Overall 58 60 60 58 62
Last week 5 7 6 6 6
CRU vs. Red The Crusaders The Crusaders The Crusaders The Crusaders
DRU in CHI Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
MOA in BRU Brumbies Brumbies Brumbies Brumbies Announced
Battle vs. BLU Blues Blues Blues Waratahs Friday afternoon
Vs. for HUR Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
REB vs. HIG Highlanders Rebels Highlanders Highlanders

Get your vote now – The Crowd’s Tips will be released on Friday afternoon.

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