I will never stop raining

Magic round! The most magical of all rounds. Here’s your talking point over the weekend in Brisbane, also known as the NRL Round 10.

Playing eight NRL games at the same venue was great again

There was some rain, but some of the biblical events I thought (hopefully?) Didn’t ruin everything and so, had a lot of fun. The surface has been retained, the players feel like they are enjoying themselves, the crowd has grown and once again, the magic round has succeeded.

Friday’s brawl at the stand took a lot of media oxygen but seeing the people there and posting on social media, on the whole it seemed like a great time and I can’t wait to get to one of these when life goes on.

The Fox League broadcast was also credited with highlighting social ‘event’ as well as field business aspects, as well as taking the opportunity to try out a few different techniques, angles and camera technology with all their kits. Most of them work. That slow mo-focused camera carries some amazing pictures, especially when it was raining on Saturday night.

Even when the Titans tried to score a field goal they switched to a downfield view, something I’ve been screaming at for years!

If you’re able to get along, leave us a comment about what you thought.

Peak and shaft for three days

Just two weeks after everyone signed their death certificates, the rosters are in fourth place after a thrilling win over Paramatman in the best game of the round. The young guns Sam Walker and Joseph Swalley were great and while the para rosters seemed to have built up a defensive setup, the Chuks reasserted themselves to stop the game.

The Gold Coast dragged the round hit with a late, late score to send their game against St. George’s Elvara to Golden Point, where the Dragons failed to get past critical, big-time errors from Ben Hunt, Tyrell Sloane and Talatau. Amon and the Titans won. The last two were young players, many of whom called for selection – they would come in handy.

Newcastle eventually brought a win to their fans but it was a performance constraint, only a seal of death against a Canterbury team that was equally weak. This was the worst game of the round.

Manly dropped out of the final after a brawl behind Brisbane recruit Adam Reynolds, who tried, scored their goal and gave flying winger Selwyn Kobo a platform to shine. Brisbane’s 38-point shutout was the biggest gap of the round.

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

The South Sydney and New Zealand rounds were a strange game. If anyone had to raise the score, it was Banis, who led 26-6 at halftime and looked set to make a huge gap between them and their co-final chasers.

Instead they relax for a walk in the second half and let the Warriors do what they want, where they almost stole the game through a miraculous finish. The Warriors have done nothing this season that has shaken up their mysterious stereotype.

Of course, Canberra’s thrilling 11-man win over Cronulla is easily the best win in the history of the Magic Round. But I would say, no.

Penrith takes Melbourne to school

Penrith lost to Melbourne 32-6 in heavy rain on Saturday. Shizel lost some of his former form as a match cracker when Melbourne fullback Ryan Papenhuen, halfback Jahrom Hughes, center Reimis Smith and then Nelson Asofa-Salomona fell to their knees during the match.

Penrith was everything they needed to be: ruthless, clinical, brutal and spectacular. They had no miraculous hopes for Melbourne before halftime. Melbourne’s five-eighth Cam Munster was right, they were made to look like an under-12 team.

Don’t get me wrong – Storm hates to lose a game, but loses there, and then loses. It was a beating but no doubt they are still practicing a useful intelligence gathering.

The next time these two are converted to Round 22, the line-ups will probably be significantly different – but what will be the result?

What do security guards and police actually do? To do In NRL games?

Again we must ask – what are the security and policing doing in NRL games? Multiple strikers can take it to the middle of the ground and one of them has enough time to stop and light a flare, now half a dozen angry clowns can be rocked for a few minutes completely unwelcome by someone in authority.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo can talk about the security of the game as hard as he can, but he can’t really do anything about it unless he decides to pull the fixtures from the position and my full Canberra Riders kit is more likely to run the marathon. .

Until the stadiums come together to take care of the people on the stands and the players on the field, what are we doing here?

To stress – it’s not just an NRL issue, it’s a sports issue. I have seen massive and brutal punch-ons in cricket and AFL games that have resulted in really bad injuries and those who had nothing to do with it have been dragged and injured. I have seen hundreds of police and security at A-League games where the roaring, chanting crowd looks at them in amazement when nothing happens.

If you go to sports and want to punch, then you are a shredder. If you want your partner, tell them they are intelligent.

The good weekend atmosphere was almost derailed by that bunch of Wankers, and that’s the only thing Code Warriors and NRL haters would take from Round 10.

Hit fast
– At the time of writing, Trent Barrett was still the Canterbury coach. When you read this, he may not be. The Bulldogs called an “emergency meeting” on Monday to discuss his position, according to media reports on Sunday afternoon.

– Again the cowboys take care of the business and run their point differential. The West Tigers could not maintain the distance with a short bench and dynamic attack towards them from all angles.

– The Tigers have some bad injury problems. As much as people think Luke Brooks could do as much damage to them by pulling a hamstring on Sunday night, the opposition’s 100 percent focus is now on Jackson Hastings. Can he handle it?

– Crunula’s attempt to lose to Canberra was really something – it often doesn’t give your opponent ten penalties, binds three players, plays with 11 for a certain period of time and then will whip you anyway.


Round 11 may not be ‘magic’, but there are plenty of games to watch.

Brisbane traveled to Newcastle on Thursday, with the hosts in that rare air of shooting for two consecutive wins. The West Tigers have Canterbury, the Paramatman face Manly after a disappointing defeat on both sides and there is exciting competition between Dubois in South Sydney and Canberra and between North Queensland and Melbourne, with a potential beauty when Penrith will play the Roosters at the SCG on Saturday night.

What did you think of the magic of the weekend, Roars?

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