How the AFL has completely pushed and carried out a grand search for the honor of the umpire

Of course, the AFL came out and defended their umpires for applying “common sense” when Chad Warner kicked the ball into the roof of the SCG after giving a free kick in the final leg of Friday night’s game against Richmond.

One match, I can add, which was grossly over-umpiring, judging a total of 61 free kicks throughout the night, without any consideration of common sense or entertainment.

The free-kick against Warner was a complete nonsense, I can add that, and if you pay to contact Warner from Prestia, you must first give Warner a high profile from Prestia.

The problem here is that the umpiring has now reached the stage of farce. And this illustration further highlights the separation that each of the games, whose name is not Brad Scott, holds for the massive change in rules and interpretations implemented over the past decade.

This dissent has made things worse for Malarki umpires, which is a shame because the motive was great, but the result – the inability to read the AFL’s room – is that fans really hate them every weekend that they’ve never been more visible.

Every aspect of the AFL sounds like a complete satire. You can portray Rob Sich as the new umpire’s boss, providing these words.

“AFL confirms last night’s decision not to award 50m penalty was correct *And the umpires will be honored with MBE for their good work,The league said in a statement.

“Richmond player Prestia was awarded a free kick (by a non-controlling umpire in the middle of the ground) *Who was on a power mission to reach the maximum free kick given in the space of three weeks) And the siren sounded almost as soon as the free kick was given.

“The umpires then made the right call not to apply a 50m penalty against Swann player Warner, due to the urgency of the free payment, the siren was sounded and the ball was being kicked into the crowd.”

The ball was kicked into the roof of the SCG by a player who just gave a free kick!

Rob Sitch’s character continues: “This same tactic is often used around the field when umpires do not believe that a player kicks the ball when he hears the whistle.”

Yet prudence is not a word you will find in the book of rules. And of course, in the case where players play, the $ 210 premium Australian leather doesn’t end up on the roof of the SCG.

You want common sense, AFL? Respect the decision of the umpires through the need to have players and all the followers of the game, with angry and not spit-filled behavior, you have changed the basis for punishing players for very normal actions, built on an emotion and passion. Body language, and if the umpire’s respect, good-boy-aesthetics, and positively influencing the next generation of celebrities to behave in a non-confrontational-robotic manner is a new world order, you’ll have to pay 50m to kick the SCG roof A player who just gave a free kick!

I heard Mark Robinson say you can’t buy a theater like this, the mess upstairs was great to see *And pensioners should be indebted for signing up to pay for TV privileges.

Personally, I have seen it very differently. For me, everything in our game was wrong at the moment. The wildly inconsistent umpire who did not give a free kick to an umpire five meters away from the game above for a high injury game, but the non-official umpire, standing 75 meters away from the game, missed the first using his maximum vision. , Paid the second, and was considered a hero by the AFL for doing so.

The player who gave the free kick then lifts the ball over the grandstand, where the controlling umpire wants to give a 50m penalty, but is overridden again by the same non-officiating umpire who overrides him shortly before.

Discretion and explanation throughout the flight.

The level of dissent in the offer from the Richmond players, in response to the 50-meter drop, was enough to reverse the free kick and the Swans were given so many 50-meter penalties that they had to pay the Sydney Bridge toll as Lance Franklin stood in line. For goals from Manley.

Not surprisingly, the number of crowds has dropped from an average round attendance of 40,321 per week. Round nine fell to 25,416 and the annual average is the lowest in 26 years, 30,517.

This level of humor must play a role.

With the final word, AFL umpire boss, the character is played by Rob Sitch “Congratulations to Matt Steveck for getting the most free kicks in three weeks, a record we know Matt will break again in three weeks.

Satire. All of this is inconsistent and meaningless.

* Makes quotes in the name of satire.

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