How did your club perform in Round 10?

Round 10 is an important weekend in football that honors the contribution of indigenous peoples to the game

The weekend got off to a good start with six goals for the Charlie Carno Blues. Max King of the Saints also got six.

There were plenty of points of interest in the round, especially the opening game, where Carlton scored nine goals in the second quarter.

The two players who played their 200th game deserve credit: Bradley Hill of the Saints and Adam Trellor of the Bulldogs. Notably, both players were playing for their third team in the AFL.

A special mention for Hawthorne, who had a crushing victory against the Lions; To Magpies, who defeated the Dockers in Perth; And also Jeremy Howe, who took a mark of the contestant of the year.

Joy Newcomb, Nick Dicos, Jason Horn-Francis and Corey Dardin are all going to be the Rising Star Award with good performances. Employers obviously got it right this year, because there’s a lot of controversy.

Adelaide Crows: They can’t kick straight

Many times the crows were a good team against the saints. The game had a lot of changes in speed and lead, but unfortunately Adelaide didn’t take their chances when they needed to and lost by 21 points in a game they could have won well. Jordan Dawson was a bright light with two goals and 22 settlements. It’s not all destruction and grief for the Crows, but they had four more scoring shots than St. Kilder and lost by four goals.

Brisbane Lions: A respectable loss

The Lions scored more than 100 points in the fifth game in a row, despite losing to Hawthorn. Brisbane dominated the Rock War with 44 more hit-outs than Hawthorne. The Lions had more center clearances, 19-12 in their favor. Everyone lost, but the way they lost was the definition of respectable loss. There were a total of 63 free kicks, of which the Lions lost nine more than the Hawks.

Carlton Blues: They looked unbeatable

The Blues have played a great second quarter and this is the first time since 2012 that Carlton has scored nine goals in a quarter. There is no disagreement that every player has played their part. It wasn’t about Patrick Cripps, which would be the most delightful for Michael Voss. Jacob Waiting reduced the influence of Lance Franklin. He symbolizes the fact that they are now a ruthless footy group. There was an outstanding effort by Charlie Carno, who scored five goals in the first half despite being the main forward goal. Carlton scored 100-plus points in four consecutive weeks, but nonetheless, the Swans struggled to get back into the game within 15 points of the full time in the second half. The Blues have thrown away almost all of their hard work, though Sydney deserves credit.

Patrick Cripps celebrates with his Carlton teammates.

(Photo by Robert Sianflon / Getty Images)

Collingwood Magpies: They’re flying high

Magpies will be happy with the way they came to the game. They probably used their unrivaled performance in Round 9 as inspiration. There is no doubt that they are a team capable of taking part in the 2022 finals. If they perform like Round 10, they can beat anyone. Jack Crisp has never missed a game, and despite having the flu in the week, his game continues at 173. Oliver Henry scored four goals, and Mason Cox had the privilege of playing early in the game due to a finger injury, giving him a chance to make a case for being a permanent part of Collingwood’s top 22.

Essendon Bombers: Where now?

Bombers Week was led well by captain Dyson Hepel, who spoke well, but was cheap to speak of. They showed some more pride and determination than in Round 9, but it wasn’t enough to get four points. They have a lot of work to do, because they have no chance of reaching the finals.

Fremantle Dockers: All over the ocean

The dockers seemed to have no effective plan. They did not have enough winners during the day. It was as if they weren’t ready for a Magpies team that came to play. The usual suspects in midfield played their part, with the Dockers being the top four decision-makers on the ground – Will Brody, David Mundy, Andrew Brashio and Caleb Serong – who came together for 133 decisions. Shawn fought hard against Darcy Rock, but Magpies outscored the Dockers. It is a matter of concern that despite having their hands on the Dockers footy, they have lost half of their opponents in Magpies 12 with six goals! Another concern is that the Dockers had 26 more hit-outs and 23 more competitive assets than the Magpies but lost quite a bit.

(Russell Freeman / AFL photo via Getty Images)

Geelong Cat: They controlled the game, but the danger is in pain

Geelong will be satisfied with their performance. They had 27 scoring shots in 12 of Port Adelaide, yet the Cats won by just six goals. At the end of the first two quarters, they overtook their opposition. Nevertheless, they lost just two goals in the second half and dominated Power’s five goals to one in the Premiership quarter. Patrick has an injury cloud over Dangerfield, as he was out in the fourth trimester due to a calf injury. Jeremy Cameron was a standout with three goals and 629 meters, the most by any player.

Gold Coast Sons: They just won’t go away

The sun has shown great character. They were kept in the game due to weak goal kicking by the Bulldogs. They are accustomed to being down the scoreboard in quarter-time, as they still have only two first-quarter wins. Nonetheless, there is plenty for Gold Coast to get out of the game, as they have almost pinched it. Jared Wits has proven to be one of the best rockmen in the AFL, as he has finished with 55 hits, despite losing 14 clearances. They had nine fewer scoring shots than their opponents but in just one minute they were seven points short. The rest of the game. Joel Jeffrey and Ben Einsworth scored eight of Sun’s 13 goals. Mabio’s Chola still has one goal in each game this season.

Greater Western Sydney Giants: They’re done

Despite making nine changes in 9 rounds, the Giants won the game by a wide margin. It’s a new era, with three bomber coaches sitting in the coach box. They scored a minimum of 21 points in four quarters. They will be stoked with the results and the depth they appear, but they cannot be carried. Will have to work defensively, as they conceded 13 goals to the Eagles, who are fighting. Their positional changes will make it harder to pick 22 in Round 11, as they had many winners in the day despite many changes being effective due to injury or illness. Co-captain Stephen Coniglio was tasked with moving from half-forward Flanc to On the Ball, as he was probably the best player on the ground, with 36 disposals at 92 percent efficiency.

Giants leadership adviser James Hard.

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

Hawthorn Hawks: A career-defining win for Sam Mitchell

Hawthorn handed Brisbane their second defeat of the season, and the mental strength and skill they displayed to accomplish this was first-class for a upset. They finished the game with 11 different goal kickers, which shows that they have spread the load. They have scored five goals in three of the four quarters. It was a demonstration of what Sam Mitchell was able to do – they won a game in which they conceded 112 points, indicating that they had a risk-reward game plan. They are willing to take the risk of losing the game by a large margin to win the game, and that is why they have won.

Norm Demons: Premiership not won yet

Demons will be happy with the end of the match but will be disappointed in the first two and a half quarters. They lost one of their most important players to Ed Langdon due to a rib injury, dropped in the second quarter. It was a huge loss, but they worked out last quarter and as a team. Clayton Oliver was a standout with 45 settlements. It’s still a wake-up call for them, as they led by just one goal in the third term. They are a team that can show weakness. They haven’t lost a game yet, but they have work to do.

North Melbourne Kangaroos: Outclassed but brave

The Kangaroos were in the game from the point of view of the scoreboard until the middle of the third quarter. At one point they were six points behind, but there is no arguing that their surrender was disappointing. They could not score any goal in the fourth quarter. Nevertheless, Cameron Jurhar finished with three goals, which was a good effort. Todd Goldstein led from the front with nine more hit-outs than Max Gunn. Hopefully there’s a lot more to this performance and Jason Horn-Francis finally puts the pen to paper.

The Kangaroos look depressed after losing to Jason Horn-Francis.

(Michael Wilson / AFL photo via Getty Images)

Port Adelaide Power: The final is far away

Power lost to the Cats by 35 points. The most frustrating thing was that they led at half time and could not start the game in the second half. There is no dispute that they should have risked losing the game by ten goals or more by trying to change the game from time to time using the corridor. Their ball was stagnant in the second half. It was a season-defined match, as there is a big difference between 4-6 and 5-5.

Richmond Tigers: Back to their best but at a cost

The Tigers play free-flowing football which we got used to when they were a losing team. They removed the ball well and were extremely stingy in conceding goals. They finished the game with 13 to 25 scoring shots from Ascendon. Incredibly they won by 32 points, but it could have been more if they had kicked straight. Everyone has played their part against a tragic opposition. Jack Rioldt, Shy Bolton and Maurice Rioli all scored eight goals. Dion Prestia was named the best player on the field. Unfortunately Richmond lost Ken Lambert in a hip injury and Tom Lynch in a hamstring injury, which could have taken their toll a bit. Nonetheless, Damien Hardwick will move the magnets around, just as he did when he took Daniel Rioli to the halfback flank.

St. Kilda Saints: The King stole the show

Saints can thank Max King and Bradley Hill, Brad Crouch and Jack Sinclair, to say the least. All praise would go to King, as he kicked six straight goals, but the game was more than that. It was fitting that Bradley Hill played a key role in his AFL footy and 200th game of the Indigenous Round.

Sydney Swans: It was a tough second half

The Swan was completely outclassed by the Blues in the second quarter, losing by 39 points. Nevertheless, they never gave up. Getting themselves back in the game they showed a lot of character. After trailing by 38 points at half time, they won the third quarter by 21 points. They had to look back at the second quarter and review it, but there was effort on a positive note; They lost by just 15 points against the Blues outfit in form.

West Coast Eagle: Out of form and struggling for the North

The Eagles will be completely disappointed with their display again. There is no arguing that they need to improve, because not only did they win one game but they were unrivaled. They won by three points in the third quarter and finished with 13 goals to play, but that doesn’t matter, because if the opponent scores 138 points, you can’t win any football game.

Western Bulldogs: It was a tough test and they didn’t kick straight

The Bulldogs came back to their best except that they didn’t kick well when they shot a goal. The game should have ended at half time. They still lost just two of the ten first quarters in 2022 Despite controlling the speed of the game and the balance of the game, they had only two more than the Sun in the 50’s. Nevertheless, in 2022 they won back-to-back for the first time. It was great to see Adam Trellor win his 200th game and hit the scoreboard.

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