Hepel fired back at Ascendon’s critics

Ascendon captain Dyson Hepel has attacked critics who criticized his AFL team for failing to draw a line in the sand after being ridiculed by Sydney’s Luke Parker.

The Bombers (2-7) are under intense pressure after a humiliating 58-point defeat to the Swans in Happel’s 200th game, which saw them drop to 16th in the ladder.

As a result, club legend Matthew Lloyd condemned Asden’s current players for being “disrespected” and “disrespected” by Sydney.

Lloyd was furious when the Swan star Parker made fun of Dylan Shill and the bombers for their lack of physique in the competition, but the bombers did not respond.

Former club captain Lloyd said he “chased” Parker to the next center to make a point.

Lloyd and a growing number of critics have also described the bombers as “very nice” on the field.

“Everyone has their own opinion, that’s fine, but does he want Dylan to plow with someone, give a free kick, give a 50-meter penalty and score another goal?” Hepel told Fox Footy Monday night.

Dyson Hepel of the bombers in action

(Michael Wilson / AFL photo via Getty Images)

“In this day and age, free kicks are given so quickly.

“Hardness and perseverance and what you are talking about being a good football team is not about giving a free kick or showing complete aggression.

“That’s when we have the ball to win, that’s what we (and) want to stand for good, quality, tough footy.”

Happel said he was not aware of Parker’s remarks and did not see the incident until Monday night.

“Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go.”

“I had no idea it was happening right now. But if you’re aware of it right now, I have no doubt that teammates will go straight ahead and help and support.”

Happel says he will strengthen the need to support your teammates when they return to the club on Tuesday after a two-day break.

He also caught the attention of critics of what he felt was a “celebration” of his 200-game milestone.

Immediately before the Sydney clash, a smiling Hepel hugged family and friends who ran through the banner and lined up on both sides of the Ascendon team.

“At such a moment, I’m going to take the opportunity to be extremely grateful to those who have been with me from day to day,” Happel said.

“It has no effect on performance (and) no one mentions if we would have won that game.”


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