Haas is’ focused on the game ‘, worried about Reynolds’ prop, not Fitler

Payne Haas will play for the Broncos on Friday night and said his immediate focus was on the clash with the Titans despite requesting an immediate release from the club.

Haas took to Instagram on Thursday night in the wake of a firestorm over his decision to seek release after a deal with Brisbane stalled.

“We got a game tomorrow night and all my focus is on that. All I can control is my pay tomorrow night for my teammates and for you. I always love everyone, ”he wrote in an Instagram post.

Pain smile Instagram post.

Pain smile Instagram post.

The Broncos have issued a statement saying they will not entertain the request for release. Haas has a contract with the club until the end of 2024 but talks on an extension until 2027 have stalled because his new management team, led by Tyrone Smith, were dissatisfied with the financial terms of the offer.

Brisbane captain Adam Reynolds told Triple MK that he checked in with a smile after news of the release spread on Thursday afternoon to make sure he was OK and that he could relay the information to the rest of the team so it would not lead to any confusion. Round 12 game.

“I spoke to Penn and he assured us that he would play tomorrow and he is a professional, he moved in and I know he will do his job,” Reynolds Triple M said.

“Everything will take care of itself but obviously this is not news that you want to hear from someone who is an important part of your team and the issues that depend on the fingertips are resolved and he has been in the Broncos for a very long time.

“I spoke to him privately, it happened after training. At first I just wanted to see if Pain was OK. It’s a big game for us, the main thing is to switch on the boys.

Pain Has (Getty Images)

“Payne is a professional athlete and no doubt he will be ready to play tomorrow, he has done it for so many years now.”

Reynolds said that there is always a risk of players or clubs being dissatisfied if a long-term contract is signed.

“Many players sign long-term contracts. To accept [Selwyn] Kobo, for example, is looking at a multi-year contract, and with the rise of these kids these days, they’ve become game superstars from the first grade in their 20s, and they’ve broken their contracts very quickly, “he said.

“It’s kind of hard to talk. Payne is a great player who has probably signed for a much lower price than he deserves.

“I think you can take a risk with a long-term deal. The longest contract I signed [was] After we won the company with the South but I was well established then and basically the club knew what they were getting from me and what I could pay for them.

“Some kids have only played a few games and they are signing a five-year contract and they are paying on a probability basis and they probably sometimes overdo it. Maybe they can’t comply.

“But it’s tough because Rugby League is such a brutal game and you can’t play forever and obviously you want to make the most of your career and yes it’s a tough discussion that NRL needs.”

Reynolds will sit in the Suncorp Stadium derby on Friday with a hamstring injury but will return to Round 14 after leaving next week.

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Blues coach Brad Fitler has repeatedly said that he prefers players who are not negotiating contracts as a distraction while at the State of Origin camp.

Fitler will name his 22-member squad for Origin I on Sunday night and he is concerned that Payne Haas’ dispute with Brisbane will be a problem for his team as they want to win the Shield for the fourth time in five years.

He said he would still “absolutely” choose Haas in his pack.

“It’s not ideal at all, and I know from Penn’s point of view and from Brisbane’s point of view, I’m sure they want to clear up all this and move on with it,” Fitler said.

“They’re having a great season and they would hate to hijack it.”

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