Giants insider Kadarias offers insights into Tony’s situation

Cadarius Tony of the New York Giants fought for the # 89 yard in the third quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at the AT&T Stadium on October 10, 2021 in Arlington, Texas.
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images)

New York Giants wide receiver Kadarias Tony has made a shaky start to his NFL career.

His rookie year was 189-yard performances but he was fired for hitting a fist on the Dallas Cowboys in the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony also missed seven games due to injury and COVID-19.

Worst of all, he showed a reluctance to learn team crime.

He finished his first year with 420 yards and zero touchdowns, far from the Giants’ high expectations after he was drafted in the first round.

Tony also threatened to miss the volunteer workout this season but changed his mind when the Giants explored the possibility of trading him.

Since then, he has been acceptable to offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and is doing the right things on and off the field.

Kafka added that he was good at working with her and focused on meetings.

However, the former Florida standout wore a red jersey during organized team activities.

ESPN’s Jordan Ranan retweeted the reason.

“This will explain why Tony was on the rehabilitation team when we saw him on Thursday,” Ranan said.

He quoted a tweet from NFL columnist Pat Leonard as saying, “Giants wide receiver Cadarias Tony had a short arthroscopic knee procedure, which is why he wore a red jersey next to spring OTA practice. But he will be fine and ready for training camp.” Is expected to say.

Will the injury affect his game?

It remains to be seen whether Tony’s performance will be affected by the method.

However, the Giants are moving cautiously because the legs are the lifeline of any wide receiver.

If they have a knee injury, they will not have the speed to leave their defenders behind.

They will not force him to do hard work until he is completely healed.

After all, if they were to jump into the NFC, they would need a better season than that.

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