Giant Rookie is already using his reputation for a good cause

The New York Giants' BJ Hill # 95 and Austin Johnson # 98 helmets sit on the bench before the start of the Giants and Baltimore Ravens match at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland on December 27, 2020.
(Photo by Rob Carr / Getty Images)

The New York Giants are expecting something great from Kyivan Thebodox.

The team hopes to continue the colorful legacy of the franchise from Lawrence Taylor to Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck’s pass racers.

That’s why the Giants used their fifth overall election to draft him.

They saw something in the 2021 unanimous All-American that had 49 total tackles in its final year with the Oregon Ducks, 12 tackles for losses and seven sacks.

General manager Joe Schwein and head coach Brian Double hope he will be the foundation of their defense in the years to come.

After all, his 4.58-second 40-yard dash time means he can cover a lot of space to reach the opposing quarterback.

But on the other hand he could be a terror for the play-caller, he would become a blessing for more people through his foundation.

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Shefter tweeted, “Giants first round pick Kyvan Thebodox announced today that its @TheJreamFound will offer Core Prep Academy football opportunities for underprivileged children, a program that focuses on a student-centered school-based student body. Partners with. “

A lasting legacy building

Now that he’s at the top, it’s time for him to serve other promising football talents.

This is an achievement that is more impressive than any personal award or Super Bowl title.

Many young players do not get the benefit of developing their skills due to weak support system.

Therefore, the Thebodox Foundation can fill that gap by finding athletes who deserve help.

With the Student-Athlete Focused Curriculum, they have ample time to train as well as receive quality education.

This initiative should inspire other NFL players.

In the end, the game benefits when the best players from all over the world are on the field.

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