Get those points at the bank

It was an important weekend NRL as the team tried to bank two important premiership points before the Origin player’s availability and schedule were disrupted. Here comes your point of view from round 12.

Meaningful victory, meaningful defeat

Important wins for the Roosters, Parramatta, Brisbane and South Sydney keep them on track wherever they want to be.

The Cronulla had a chance to place on the Roosters, but now they see themselves sliding downwards and are only protected at eight by a point differential if there is more damage. New coach Craig Fitzgerald has high hopes, but as the year progresses we may be more realistic about how Cronulla takes shape.

The Broncos are proving to be a real thing this year, with adequate defense backed by an attack that could catch fire at the most convenient moment. They have a tough month at Origin to show games against Melbourne and North Queensland, but the Kevin Walters crowd is still in a good place.

For the Banis, they are a fair-to-middle team that plays in the fair-to-middle rugby league. As far as team rebirth goes, it’s fair to moderate. However, is the South supposed to be resurrected?

Cody Walker (Getty Images)

Cody Walker (Getty Images)

Penrith Tax Original – Can Northern Queensland Avoid Paying It?

Usually a 22-0 defeat means crisis and frustration but the Cowboys didn’t get any points, they didn’t lose any fans. Based on their efforts in Penrith, many of those who have seen North Queensland form against the best teams in the competition will rule a line through their long-term potential.

As was their custom, Penrith dominated the occupation and position, and they were in their usual relentless nature, but in addition to controlling the ball, the Cowboys put up strong resistance, facing themselves on the ground when many other teams were repeatedly punctured.

The question now is whether they can back it up on Thursday with a bunch of players who lost against the Titans and to the Queensland Origin squad. They’ll get tired – arguing that you have a physical cost from churning your path to 426 tackles.

Canberra had a similar experience when they lost 36-6 to Penrith and tackled more than 400, their next match was a humiliating defeat to New Zealand. Penrith hit an injured Melbourne 32-6, the storm had to tackle more than 400 and was shattered by the Cowboys the following week.

Only three teams have won the week since Penrith’s game (Paramatta, who defeated Penrith, lost their next game). Cowboys can be fourth?

Dragons are at their level

A big part of being able to extend your season for any length is defeating those teams around you and a team St. George Lavara doing it well.

Their 34-24 win against Canterbury was not very nice, but it was very rare in their six wins. They (Canterbury, Warriors x2, West Tigers) and even better clubs (roosters in Anjak Day) have risen to ninth place due to their secretive victories here and there.

Although the road ahead is not smooth. After next week’s departure, the Dragons expanded to North Queensland (away), South Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane (away). Then again the rooster, manly and cowboy.

Are they enough for 4-3 runs there? That should be sufficient enough to keep them in the lower eight.

Origin comes along and takes the best

We’re at a time of year when the State of Origin has a huge impact on the teams trying to keep their seasons alive.

At the time of writing, only New South Wales coach Brad Fitler had announced the names of his squad, including seven Penrith players, at least five of whom could miss their game against Canterbury this week.

It will have an impact for North Queensland and the Gold Coast when Queensland announces their squad on Monday morning. Manly will lose their halfback and New Zealand could be their fullback.

The following Sunday, Canberra lost without Josh Papali and Jack Whitton, while the roosters lost to Daniel Tupau, James Tedesco and possibly Joseph Swalli and Lindsay Collins.

Canberra Riders fans celebrate the victory during the Round 10 NRL match between Canterbury Bulldogs and Canberra Riders

(Photo by Albert Perez / Getty Images)

That’s it, but depending on their schedule, teams scrubbing around eight in the middle of the ladder can either use this time to make hay, or derail their season altogether.

Hit fast

– Joe Tapin of Canberra is quietly creating a season that will be a big deal somewhere. He is easily in the top five front row of the game.

– Dylan Brown is the fifth-eighth superstar. He pulls Paramatman across the Canberra line with a masterclass on attacking running and smart play.

– West Tigers captain James Tamau was his team’s best forward against South Sydney, 102 meters. The problem was, it was only good for the 16th game. Fewer South Tigers players have scored more meters than the Tigers’ best forwards. Maybe Pain Haas can fix it?

– Coughing 24-4 to lose 35-24 is less than a new Gold Coast. Will it trigger self-reflection and a change, or will it count as a lost culture?

– South Sydney made just eight errors, their first 2022 game under double figure error… and they won 44-18. How about that?

– All things considered, Ruben Garrick was pretty good at fullback because the Sea Eagles started life without Tom Trobozevic. It is a shame that his team could not support him, 28-8 in Melbourne.

– Excellent work Rabitohas winger Alex Johnston, who lost Nathan Merritt’s club record in his 145th, 146th and 147th attempts against the West Tigers.

– Josh Addo-Car New South Wales Squad Missing is incredibly unfortunate. Fox is a great player who succeeds with other great players and it is to create a phrase, which is built for the original.


Goodbye week! The two worst words for most sports fans. With just four games next week, probably just a decent contest and a devastation with the original call-up selection.

We start by visiting the Cowboys’ Titans in Robina on Thursday, then Penerith (excluding the half-squad) host Canterbury on Friday, hosting the Manly Warriors on Saturday, and Sunday’s only game is a decent round-up match between Canberra and the country’s roosters. Capital

Surely there is a better way than to stand down halfway to a farewell?

What did you think of the weekend rugby league, Roars?

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