Flow-jor world record under threat and Australian distance runner on Eugene show

Florence-Griffiths Joyner’s 34-year-old 100m 10.49 seconds record is one of the longest-running and most controversial on the track and field.

Rumors and ‘Inendo’ have always surrounded ‘Flow-Joe’ about the use of performance-enhancing drugs due to his untimely death from cardiac function at a relatively young age of 38, although he has never tested positive in his record-breaking career.

However, it is not the alleged drug use that casts a shadow over its world record, but the fact that it was on the record day at the 1988 U.S. Olympic trial with the help of the wind with some serious inconsistencies in wind reading equipment.

Triple Tokyo Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Hera of Jamaica came close to a flow-force record in her 2021 fine season, scoring 10.54 on the same track at the prefinite meeting in August last year. Although it has been predicted early in the season and non-standard cool temperatures, back on the same track that made it his personal best, to sniff the record could be a good indication for the perfect mentality for him.

Thompson-Hera will line up against a dynamite field featuring current world 200-meter champion, British Dina-Ashar Smith, and watching the return of controversial American Shaw-Carrie Richardson. The Texan-born U.S. collegiate missed the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for cannabis in July after winning a U.S. trial at a record 10.86.

He broke the Olympic record in April with a personal best of 10.72. Thompson-Herrera’s colleague Jamaican, and great rival, Shelley-Ann Fraser, have been selected for the 200-meter event at Price Eugene.

The women’s 100m final is scheduled for Sunday, May 29 WST at 4:30 p.m.

Australia’s mid-range stars can make the most of the perfect cooling conditions that have always characterized this traditional meeting place in the Pacific Northwest city.

Australian Jessica Hal, who holds the 1500m record, is in career-best form in the first two Diamond League meetings with Doha and Birmingham-drawn Podium Finish.

In Birmingham, recent Olympic silver medalist Scott chased Laura Muir to the finish line for second place. Hull and Muir will again face Eugene in a mouth-watering duel when they return to Birmingham to represent their country at the July Commonwealth Games.

Matt Ramsden of Perth will advance the distance from 1500 meters to his favorite 5000 meters event. The Surf record holder from Perth City has so far shown good form in the short distance to the Diamond League season but he is much more suitable and in favor of the 5000m.

Uganda’s Joshua Cheptagi has been nominated for an attempt to set his own world record of 12: 35.36 set in 2020. He could very well be given the role of pacemaker.

Other Australians on the bill include Olympic women’s high jump silver medalist Nicola Olsilagars (Nee McDermott) and Oliver Hoare Miles. National 1500m record holder Stuart Maxwell is not competing in Doha due to injury and long-lasting COVID effects that threaten to derail his Commonwealth Games and World Championship campaigns.

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