Five on the spin for the Broncos after the Cobbo show

Brisbane have continued their month-long winning streak, beating Newcastle 36-12 in a game defined by a wide range of superb performances – but also by some highly questionable bunker decisions.

Selwyn Kobo scored twice and broke ten tackles in the 200 meters, with Cotoni Stags and Corey Oates not too far behind. Stags also scored six goals, while Harbi Farnworth scored late and was always great.

Ezra mam was called up for an improbable debut after the injury of Adam Reynolds, his opponent 6, surpassing the returning Anthony Milford, to record two attempted assists and a ball over 100 meters.

Undoubtedly, despite the impressive performance, the Knights will be angry at the decision of the two main bunkers who went against them at important points in the game. Although the scoreline was eventually blown up, the game was ready when the calls were made and it could have been very different.

Dan Gagai was denied an attempt that could have been seen to lead the Knights at half-time, when there were only two points and twenty of the game between the two sides, allowing the Broncos to hold on to an attempt that seemed to be a cut and dry barrier call. .

Newcastle dominated the first half and they should have been ahead regardless of the region and the weight of the occupation.

Kalin Pangawas was influential, but Anthony Milford, apparently carrying a few kilos from his long career on the sidelines, was far from his best, and Siren later limited a bad evening by throwing a barrier at Farnworth.

Ma’am the new man’s night couldn’t have gotten worse with the inadvertently gifting the Knights ’first attempt. Rocky stuck one hand at a kick, sending it away from Te Maire Martin and straight into the front of Tyson Frigel.

This can be worse for the Broncos. Newcastle dominated the ball and created chances for Fitzgibbon, who was denied by a Cotoni Stags trisever, and then again Frisel, who failed to collect the Anthony Milford kick.

Mam then shuffled her own personal notebook to create a Brisbane response. Five broke the eighth line and created an offload within inches of the floor that Billy Walters, after a push, was able to land.

Newcastle still had half time to score again – just to intervene for one of the worst bunker decisions of the year. Again it was a Milford kick that caused damage, pushing Corey Oates and popping up for Dan Gaggai.

Gagai seems to be easily grounded, but the video finds a gap between his hand and the ball on the way to the floor. There was separation, but it was never out of the control of the center.

Brisbane, probably inspired by the late Reveve in the first half, started the second with a bang. Oates broke a strong line to start the half and in the 50th minute, Jordan Ricky was able to stumble after a smart Corey Pikes pass.

Ricky will soon be the hero again. Keenan made an error in the first set after Palacia points and gifted the Knights possession to a good ball, as Bradman moved too close to the best. Those in the second row who had just scored at the other end were to deny the Knights Center.

This would be his last involvement, landing awkwardly in one arm and going straight up the tunnel. It was later revealed that it was a displaced elbow.

Cotoni Stags then added a penalty to extend the lead, but immediately fell behind in the game.

Kalin Ponga will be praised by the Broncos for his winding run to avoid fullback Martin, but there was an inside pass from Matt Crocker that gave him space which was the real part of the magic. Ponga scored and suddenly the deficit was only two points.

The speed swung straight back. Selwyn Cobo, so strong on the ball, took the 60 meters on his own and turned Brisbane back to good.

Dom Young was forced to make a mistake and from the result set, the Broncos should have scored as Kobe Heatherington broke, but then passed the ball off the deck and was called for a penalty.

It doesn’t matter. Stags flew Adam Clooney and released Selwyn Kobo, who ran away – through Dom Young’s daring effort – to score.

Bunker, again, said a big thing: it looked all over the world as Te Maire Martin prevented Clooney from making a tackle, but the attempt was allowed to stand. Adam O’Brien sighed, pointing to the corner where Gagai had been denied in the first half.

There was controversy about Cobbo’s attempt, there was magic about the next. A final tackle game was able to touch the Oats before reaching the ground with at least ten pairs of hands, two kicks and several passes, leaving Phoenix Crossland stunned.

Courtesy of an exceptional Martin Pass – and Farnworth had time for Cobbo to make a deserved effort from an intercept.

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