Fitzgerald, Blues after Slater Spring, how the Maroons will line up for one game

Queensland’s new coach Billy Slater The opponent followed Brad FitlerInitiating new blood and making some daring calls at the election table, the Titans dumped the star to lead it. David Fifita Opener of the State of Origin series.

Slater calls six debutants – cowboy young guns Ruben Cotter, Tom Dearden, Murray Toulagi And Jeremiah Nanai, Broncos duo Selwyn Cobo And Patrick Carrigan. Dearden will be the 18th man to be in the Taualgi reserve when the teams run out at Acre Stadium next Wednesday.

Slater’s biggest surprise came after a successful return to the Gold Coast second-row after a knee injury against Brisbane last Friday. The Titans then announced that they would be out anyway after the injury escalated.

Fitzgerald, while announcing the names of his 22-member squad, called for a surprise election for Origin I. Daniel Tupu, Ryan Matterson And Niche hynes With the consent of the Blues Stallwarts ahead Josh Ado-Kar, Jack Trobozevic and Angus Crichton.

He continued to raise eyebrows with his Game-Day lineup Jack Whitton To start at the center, send the debutant Stephen Crichton Bench and Highness 18th man as utility.

Experienced forward Tyson Frigel Missed the cut, the Knights landed for reserve with a teammate Jacob SaifitiPanthers Hooker Opi Koroisau And Roosters young guns Joseph SwallowWho was brought into the extended NSW 22-member team to gain some experience staying in the camp.

How do they line up


  1. James Tedesco: Auditioning for the Kangaroos captaincy for the World Cup at the end of the year, the front runner to get approval from the Maroons’ opponent Daly Cherry-Evans.
  2. Brian Too: Despite missing six games due to a knee injury, Penrith returned to his meter-eating best last month.
  3. Cotoni Stags: Brisbane’s most dynamic offensive weapon is making its debut at the Origin level and the 23-year-old has been given the right edge of his choice which means Latrell Mitchell will have to hold his place in the second game with a strong performance despite overcoming his hamstring injury.
  4. Jack Whitton: A striking choice in the center left over from Stephen Crichton but Fitler is a fan of his physical style at the Origin level. Canberra have played five of their nine games for the Blues in the fifth-eighth center.
  5. Daniel Tupu: He has the height to match Queensland’s expected aerial campaign, arguably he has been favored to the left of Josh Ado-Carr. Played four origins in 2014-15 and lost all three matches of the 2020 series but was not used last year.
  6. Jerome Louie: A tough marker, he wasn’t too impressed with his club form in Penrith but his combination with Nathan Cleary is the best in the NRL and they proved at Origin and last year in the final that they could work at the top level. .
  7. Nathan Cleary: The most complete player in the NRL, for a strong Origin series, he should be ahead of the Daily Cherry-Evans for the Kangaroos’ No. 7 jersey at the World Cup.
  8. Pain smile: Broncos fans scolded him for Brisbane’s win over the Titans because of the contract drama. Haas has started in just two of his seven origins but deserves to be in the run-on team so that the Blues can reach the initial height in the middle.
  9. Damien Cook: There was a lot of scrutiny at the club level, but Penrith’s AP Koroisau was kept in the lead. His kangaroos are no more guaranteed to have berths than Harry Grant so a strong Origin series is essential for his World Cup claim.
  10. Paolo Jr.: One of the three eels of NSW forward rotation, he makes a subtle difference to the Blues with his skill before and after impact.
  11. Cameron Murray: Round 12 has a successful first return from minor shoulder surgery. South Sydney Lock was crucial for the Blues in all three games last year.
  12. Tariq Sims: Only the Dragons know why they are offloading Sims into the Storm while keeping other experienced soldiers who contribute far less than their only Origin representative except Ben Hunt.
  13. Isaiah Yo: Daly M in great form for being second on the leaderboard. His ability to play ball at the club level is not as essential as his origin but he has a high aerial ability to do the job that his back-rowers need at NSW.
  14. Stephen Crichton: Can fill anywhere on the outer back which means Whitton can go halfway or forward if needed.
  15. Liam Martin: Equally proficient at one end or in the middle, injection into his game would mean there are no concessions for Queensland.
  16. Reagan Campbell-Gillard: His only origin is back in azure-blue for the first time since 2018, probably not playing big minutes but will be asked to tear down both sides of the half-time.
  17. Ryan Matterson: Fitler likes bench forwards with versatility and after being dropped by Paramatman late last season, Matterson has revived his career by spending a lot of time as a middle forward. As one of the few top-line talents out of the contract at the end of the season, he has been in line for a hefty pay rise wherever he signs his next contract.
  18. Niche Highness: His versatility means he is the perfect choice as a standby player. It’s better than being right out but after fulfilling that role in three games for Melbourne and the Blues in a grand final last year, it’s not like he’ll want more.
  19. Tyson Frigel: His club form did not rely on his usual high standards but he is a complete professional who will ensure that inexperienced blues forwards are ready to play.
  20. Jacob Saifiti: A bit of a left-field pick, who was tough for Newcastle despite not being spectacular.
  21. Joseph Swalli: The young cock is apparently in the squad that he will soak up the experience when he jumps into the future. The way Fitler likes to throw the selection curveball, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if he gets a run after this year’s series.
  22. Opi Koroisah The camp was widely approved last year after a breach of protocol. This time he will be officially allowed to play for Penrith on Friday against Canterbury.


  1. Kalin Ponga: A big-time player who has played great for the Maroons in all four of his matches. Knight fans want to see more of it at the club level.
  2. Selwyn Cobo: With just 19 games in his NRL career in the Bronx, the Blues kickers will likely be the target of slippery conditions at Acre Stadium next Wednesday night, despite the rain.
  3. Valentine Homes: Fullback has revived his career at Cowboys by switching to the center after failing to regain his 2019 form last year. The possibility of a Queensland goal kicker before Ponga.
  4. Gagai Data: With 11 tries from 19 origins, the experienced center is fifth on the all-time leaderboard and will move up to third with his next four-pointer, along with his coach Billy Slater and another Maroon legend from Dale Shearer. Greg Inglis (18) and Darius Boyd (17) are safe for now.
  5. Xavier Quotes: Brisbane have corrected his defense problems to keep him in check and have been a great performer for Storm with 11 tries this season.
  6. Cameron Munster: Loves the big stage. His alpha male personality could translate into a match-winning effort like his 2020 Wally Lewis Medal campaign but could backfire like the grand finale a few years ago when he ended up twice without sin.
  7. Daily Cherry-Evans: His leadership role has grown over the last few years but the Kangaroos are facing competition on two fronts from Tedesco and Cleary for captaincy and halfback roles in the World Cup.
  8. Criminal trial: A Titan forward who has maintained his reputation this year, he was tough on his own performances when they got a big lead in Brisbane last weekend but unlike at club level, he could focus on his ram-riding role with the Maroons. Without the thought of carrying his teammates.
  9. Ben Hunt: Harry Grant will probably switch to a small ball lock role if he lands on the field. Dragons in extraordinary form to lead the Dale M medal count at Halfway Point of the season.
  10. Josh Papali: Although he seems to be forever, the Raiders veteran is only 30 years old and already with 20 origins under his belt, he will surpass the Maroon royals like Shane Webb, Cooper Crank and Trevor Gilmeister if he is fit for three matches this year.
  11. Kurt Capwell: His versatility in being able to play on the outside means Queensland can carry an expert hooker from Harry Grant on the bench with three forwards.
  12. Felice Kaufusi: He’s not as influential as the club level once but more than a headache for the opposition pack.
  13. Ruben Kotter: Cowboys have struggled from serious knee surgery to establish their place as the heartbeat of the pack. Kotar should improve on the intensity of the Origin Arena where elbow grease is valued more than the wide range of skills.
  14. Harry Grant: It would be good for the Maroons to come out of last week’s win over Manley in Melbourne with a thigh problem. He made a memorable recent debut in a Game-Three series-winning disaster in Queensland in 2020 but only played Origin I last year due to a hamstring tear.
  15. Lindsay Collins: His first origins in 2020 saw him at home in an elite company, and the ACL played all three games last year, if not for the year, which ended his season early.
  16. Patrick Carrigan: Another player who is on his way back after a knee reconstruction. In his debut, the young Bronco has the ability to play big minutes if the injury derails Slater’s plan.
  17. Jeremiah Nanai: The Maroons are screaming for a forward with late footwork to open a game wide. Slater will probably delay bringing Nanai to the end of the first half where he can wreak havoc against tiring defenders.
  18. Tom Dearden: Leaving Brisbane’s bright light for the Cowboys has done wonders for the young playmaker who now has a strong defensive chop to complement his clever offensive skills.
  19. Arrow of victory: The South is performing well so his resignation at the reserve may have more to do with the drama he caused when he violated the biosecurity rules at the camp last year.
  20. Thomas Flaler: The consolation win in last year’s series final tasted its first origin. Enjoyed the challenge of playing in elite company and will probably get another run later in this series.
  21. Hamiso Tabuai-Fido: Another player who made the most use of his Origin III call-up last year, who was probably on the run-on side in his 2022 season, has not had a knee problem for a month.
  22. Mare Toulgi: Struggling to establish himself at the NRL level while trying to center but has worked as a winger in the last 12 months, scoring seven out of 10 last year and 12 games in 2022.

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