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Chuck Foreman

Just like in 2022, the Minnesota Vikings had twice before the 12th overall pick right. Once, they took Christian Ponder. At other times, they picked a future legend of the franchise – back in a race that looked like a modern day NFL race who went back in time to play in the 1970s.

In 2022 he could easily have played in the NFL. In the 1973 NFL Draft, the Vikings’ general manager, Jim Phoenix, chose running backs from Miami, Florida.

Chuck Foreman, The Spin Doctor

Chuck was born 71 years ago to Walter Eugene Foreman in Frederick, Maryland. He attended Frederick High School and he played basketball and football and was a multi-sport athlete as part of the track and field team. Surprisingly, Foreman did not return to run for his team. Played in the last position. Some are now known as tight end or wide receivers.

Foreman was a fan of the local basketball team Baltimore Bullet. He saw Earl Monroe, one of the stars of the Bullet, make his signature move, a spin move on the basketball field, and copied the move himself when he was playing basketball. However, he not only used the movement on the basketball floor but also tried it on Gridiron and thus he got the nickname ‘The Spin Doctor’.

Chuck Foreman
Chuck Foreman

Foreman was an excellent basketball player. He got more offers to play basketball at the college level than football. Nevertheless, he decided to play football for the University of Miami because he enjoyed the game more than just basketball. He tended to play at home in Maryland. This changes when Miami scouts one of her teammates and she steals the show. That’s how he got attention from the hurricane.

Rare today, Foreman has acted in multiple positions at the college. In 1970, in his second season, Foreman had a limited role in the offense. Not that he wasn’t good enough, playing cornerback after multiple injuries in secondary. He still records nearly 200 racing yards and added 100 yards receiving.

Hurricanes have appointed a new head coach, Fran Kersey. Foreman led his team to the racing yard in 1971 and 1972 when Curci ran him back. 1971 was his best season as a pure run back, as he recorded nearly 1000 yards on the ground, paired with 10 touchdowns. Together with teammate Tom Sullivan, the running back tandem was called ‘The Gold Dust Twins’. However, he did not take part in the passing game. Even his number of receptions has dropped compared to his year as a cornerback.

This will change in 1972. The foreman plays a wider receiver than running behind. The result was 484 yards on the ground and 557 through the air. He has found the last zone three times as a receiver and runner.

Another interesting episode of his career is that in college he had fumbling problems because he held the ball too loosely and occasionally, he hit the ball with his own knee and it resulted in a jolt. At the time, the head coach of the New York Jets, Webbank, taught Foreman how to carry the ball properly in the senior ball.

NFL career

In the 1973 draft, Chuck Foreman became a new member of the Vikings. After learning that he would play in Minnesota, he was not happy because of the cold in the north.

The Vikings didn’t know how to use their versatile first-round picks, but he wanted to run back and play, mainly because his former college coach Karsi said he would never run back in the NFL.

The former Miami hurricane ran and hit the ground. He led the team to the racing yard on his rookie expedition and was second in taking the yard. He finished the year with 801 yards on the ground and 362 yards as receiver. Foreman found the last territory six times and was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and was voted his first Pro Bowl. The franchise defeated the Redskins and Cowboys in the playoffs and lost the Super Bowl to the Dolphins. Foreman was limited to 41 scrimmage yards in that game.

In his second season, Foreman had comparative success. He voted Pro Bowl again and was named second-team All-Pro after leading the league in touchdowns from Scrimmage with 15. Like last year, the Vikings could lose the Super Bowl to the Steelers again.

The star, returning to his third year in the NFL, had tremendous success. He broke the NFL record for most receptions in a single season with 73 runs, which was good enough to lead all NFL players, receivers and running backs to the reception. Nationally, he received high honors again, as he appeared in his third consecutive Pro Bowls. He was part of the first All-Pro team in 1975, which he will repeat in 1976.

In the final game of the 1975 season, the Vikings played against the Buffalo Bills and returned to their star run, Oz Simpson. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. After his third touchdown, a Bills fan hit Foreman in the eye with a snowball. Foreman then scored his fourth touchdown goal and set the record at 22. However, coach Bud Grant benched his runner as a precaution. Simpson then broke the record with a 64-yard touchdown run.

Foreman’s legacy

The Foreman Vikings became the first 1000-yard racer in franchise history, with 1,070 yards. To date, he is one of three Vikings, including four touchdowns in a game. Dalvin Cook and Ahmed Rashad later reached that milestone. When he retired, Foreman was the franchise leader at racing yards, touchdowns and receptions.

Foreman is a two-time First-Team All-Pro, three-time Second-Team All-Pro, five-time Pro Bowler, member of the Vikings Ring of Honor and part of the 50 Best Vikings. Foreman’s style of play as a receiver outside of backfield would be appropriate for today’s NFL. He was almost 40 years ahead of his time and should still be considered the most versatile back in NFL history.

His acclaimed players should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but Foreman has been passed to date. In 2020, one more year after the Hall of Fame consideration, Chris Thomason of Pioneer Press spoke to Foreman about the matter:

I’m laughing at it. What do I think about it. I don’t know how they pick and choose but I did a little research and I found that my stats are better than most. … I look at my time, and there are a lot of things that were good but not something that was good (when running back).

Chuck Foreman about Hall of Fame

His career is not entirely forgettable. Recently, Foreman landed on the list of the top 5 least fan running backs of all time, a list by Peter Schreiger of the NFL Network.

He may not be in the Hall of Fame, but he is still one of the most beloved and respected former players among the Vikings fans. If you are one of his fans then you can be lucky. The foreman plans to meet and greet some locals.

A true franchise legend, he is still third on the Vikings race list of all time. Foreman follows only Adrian Peterson and Robert Smith. He has reached the last zone at least three times in seven different games. Once again, the most in the history of the franchise. Not even Adrian Peterson, Chris Carter or Randy Moss reached that number. In addition, he still leads the franchise in the post-season racing yard and touchdown.

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