ESPN predicts an upcoming ‘dramatic reconstruction’ for the Vikings

ESPN predicts an upcoming 'dramatic reconstruction' for the Vikings

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Watch the NFL offseason, ESPN extensively Bill Burnwell The offseason ranks the Minnesota Vikings as the “17th-best” league. That ranking, like many Viking-related items, fell in the middle of the pack.

Burnwell generally admires the new general manager Quesi Adofo-Mensah’s offseason maneuver, praises his draft-night trading, and praises his clash with reality over Kirk Cousin’s deal.

Nevertheless, Burnwell predicted a “dramatic rebuild” in the docket for the Vikings at an unpublished time.

Burnwell even ruled out Minnesota as a playoff contender in 2022 but warned of impending structural restructuring: “They could be a playoff team in 2022 with reasonable luck and health, but it’s hard to see their Packers or other top teams seriously challenged. At NFC. Another dramatic remake is coming, so this offseason could seem like an inevitable delay with a one or two year backlog. “

Adopho-Mensah had a reconstruction license, but his comments to Mike Florio this week Pro Football Talk Indicate that he does not subscribe Reconstruction for the sake of reconstruction. Adopho-Mensah told Florio, “Everyone says it’s too early to just tear it up, doesn’t it?” It’s like the easiest thing to say in sports. But there are costs and things involved. “

In 2023 the Vikings will have a special and major free agent decision
In this Adopho-Mensahe

Burnwell initially hinted that reconstruction was on the way – finally – because the Kirk cousins ​​were leading the franchise. Throughout his career with the Washington Commander and the Vikings, the Cousins-led teams have a perfectly equal record with a win-loss record-Steven 59-59-2. So, Barwell must believe that Minnesota is moving in that direction during the Cousins’ final two years with the Vikings (2022 and 2023).

Otherwise, if the Cousins ​​were rocking and rolling with new head coach Kevin O’Connell, why rebuild? The only other possibility is that Burnwell predicted a later reconstruction of the cousins RetirementWhich should be 2028 or closer.

Citing a roster continuity from last year’s 8-9 Vikings, Burnwell noted, “Most newcomers come to believe and push their team one way or the other, but Adopho-Mensah and new coach Kevin O’Connell seem to be on the same path for 1 year. Moving forward. “

Kevin O'Connell looks to fill what the 275 NFL coach couldn't do
Kevin O’Connell

The Vegas Odsmakers nominated the Vikings eight or nine winning teams in 2022, so Burnwell’s “they will rebuild soon” mentality seems to be a reflection of sportsbooks. However, Burnwell predicted a marginal play-off for O’Connell’s Vikings.

In the same analysis where Burnwell predicted an impending rebuild, he ended his Vikings thinking by mentioning a possible reunion with the Chicago Bears’ Akim Hicks or Eddie Goldman.

Perhaps Adopho-Mensah, O’Connell, Cousins ​​- and even Hicks or Goldman – will catch a crack in this thing together in 2022 and Then If the result fails, rebuild.

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