Elite DB tandems are in the 2022 NFL

Miami Dolphins NFL cornerback Javier Howard # 25 during an NFL game at the Allegiate Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 26, 2021.  The Raiders beat the Dolphins 31-28 in extra time.
(Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

The NFL has become a pass-happy league, making the wide receivers extremely important.

For that reason, NFL teams are paying a premium for the top wideouts, pushing their prices upwards.

Davante Adams received a five-year, $ 141.25 million contract from the Las Vegas Raiders.

The deal made him one of the highest paid wide receivers in the league until he signed a four-year, $ 120 million deal with the Tyrick Hill Miami Dolphins.

It’s hard to imagine the success of a team without an elite wide receiver.

Just look at the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, who was Cooper Cooper the best offensive player of the year.

In that case, it is also important to have players who can close the wideout from the big game.

Therefore, the top cornerbacks also get the top dollar.

Alexander has become the highest paid cornerback in Zaire after receiving a four-year, 84 million contract from Green Bay Packers.

He beat Denzel Ward by $ 900,000 in terms of annual average value.

While it’s good to have a shutdown cornerback, these teams are making sure all their bases are covered.

The Pro Football Focus Twitter page asks, “Which pair is the best?”

It will be difficult to complete the pass against these tandem

They picked four cornerbacks, including Alexander and Eric Stokes Jr.

Also on the list are Miami Dolphins’ Javin Howard and Byron Jones.

The Baltimore Ravens also have Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey.

Eventually, the Philadelphia Eagles acquired James Bradbury for a one-year, 10 million deal with Darius Slay.

All of these cornerbacks can cover their field side, making it difficult for wide receivers to complete a catch.

These teams rely on their cornerback pair to help them achieve their playoff success.

However, the luxury of an elite secondary comes with a price.

But if they perform as expected, they are valued at every dollar.

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