Don’t let the sun go down in the dew

The Gold Coast Sun is easy to ridicule, from their lack of success on and off the field to their dirty team song, they were licensed before the Tasmanian team.

And some of that criticism is justified.

The Sun has certainly achieved their full-time in the league, especially compared to their expansion counterparts the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Some of this could be put to the test in the non-AFL region, especially in markets like the Gold Coast, from the challenge of building a team from scratch. But some of it is self-inflicted, as poor inventory management and team culture help to stifle any attempt to take the next step.

With the 2022 season approaching, no coach has been under more pressure than Sons head coach Steve Dewey. Not surprisingly, the Gold Coast ranked 16th in 2021 (just before Collingwood and North Melbourne) and played a Gold Coast season from afar: starting strongly, stagnant, then fading to virtual anonymity.

So, let’s take a closer look. On paper, seven wins and 15 defeats certainly scream medium. The hard-fought win over Sydney, Collingwood, Hawthorne and the reigning Premier Richmond were marred by heavy defeats at the end of the season against Brisbane, Melbourne and Ascendon, as well as revenge from the Swans in the final round.

Their success that year was by working to ensure that their opponents could not score 50 entries. They were able to lead the competition in the rebound 50s and take second place for tackle (behind the next premiere, Melbourne).

Where the Sun fell apart, however, they had to convert their rebounding game into their own forward 50 entries. They are 15th for a forward 50 entry and last for a mark between 50. Contrary to these statistics, it is not difficult to see why they often fought to turn entries into scores. For the record, Sun is currently fifth for Inside 50 and sixth for Mark inside Forward 50.

By Round 9, the Suns were 13th with a 3-5 win-loss ratio. Their biggest defeat came at the hands of Brisbane Lions team-mate Kala Benders by 52 points. And looking at that game, it’s fair to say that the final interval didn’t do the Sun justice because the Lions blew them away in the final quarter.

In addition, they lost to Melbourne by 13 points, Collingwood by 25 points and St. Kilda and GWS by 26 points. So, it is safe to say that the situation could have been worse for Gold Coast Suns.

Some may laugh, but there’s a lot to like about the 2022 sun, such as the continued evolution of Matt Royle, Isaac Rankin, Mabio Chol, and Jack Lucusius. Combine the heart and soul given by Tuck Miller, Jared Wits and David Swallow, as well as the return of Ben King will provide plenty of excitement for the fans.

All of which brings us back to Steve Dewey. As mentioned earlier, he was highly recommended to be the first coach to be given a flick in 2022 (well, Leon Cameron was able to fool us all there). All the discussions around Shishir were final or bust. Now, I understand why everyone is saying this. In 11 seasons at the AFL, the Suns have failed to taste the September action, finishing 12th in their best finishes in 2014.

(Photo by Michael Wilson / AFL Media / Getty Images)

2014 was their last season under opening coach Guy McKenna. Growing up with each previous season, Suns found itself in the 16th round hosting my favorite Magpies at Metricon Stadium. A five-point win in a tough, tough fight came at a huge price with captain Gary Ablet Jr.’s season ending prematurely due to a shoulder injury.

The Sun went on to lose all but one of their matches, which resulted in McKenna being sacked.

To this day, I still think McKenna was tough. Yes, up to this point they have no doubt in the AFL, but they showed enough in 2014 that they are on the right track. McKenna’s dismissal paved the way for Rodney Eide to take the reins.

Despite his previous success in moving the Sydney Swans and Western Bulldogs from fighting to the finalists, Eide failed to achieve a higher finish than 15th, as divisions between coaches and players paved the way for his dismissal in the 19th round of the 2017 season. .

I think the sun has to hold their nerves here. It would be easy to tell Stevie Duke to pack his speed dealer sunny and go to sunset. But to be honest, I don’t think Sun will be able to repeat the process of finding another coach.

It’s not that there are better options out there.

You’re looking at unnecessary possibilities, and they’ve tried to go for the experience, only to end it in tears. Despite all the speculation, I don’t really think Alastair Clarkson wants the Sons coaching gig, or I don’t think he’ll be able to replicate the success he has had at Hawthorne.

History has shown that with Mark Thompson in Gillong in 2006 and Damien Hardwick in Richmond a decade later, something can be achieved by supporting the coach for a little longer.

Shishir is in the same league as Bomber and Dima? Of course not. But I don’t think they will get anything out of the dew, especially in the short term. They can’t afford another wasted season, but they can’t afford to start all over again.

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