Domestic coach’s plan? JWH lucky? Manly gone? Walker off? For Ponga vs. Walsh

As the NRL celebrates the Indigenous Round, it is worth asking what more can be done to bring First Nations people to a more senior role in the game.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo has created the idea of ​​following NFL guidelines that clubs must interview indigenous candidates to fill senior operations roles, including coaching staff.

In addition to the immortal Arthur Bitson, who coached Queensland, The Roosters and the Sharks in the 1980s and 90s, and recently with NSW at the Origin Arena, Laurie Daly has a complete absence as senior coach.

Jannathan Thurston is leading the next generation of indigenous coaches, with Paramatman Dean Weeders and St. George Elvara’s Jamie Soward and Maroon assistant coaches at NRLW.

The lack of representation of Indigenous and Pacific people in coaching and senior operations positions means that NRL must explore all available options to ensure that events such as the Indigenous Round are not viewed as token gestures.

Here are all the on-field questions for each team going into the 12th round of the season.


Storm vs. Sea Eagle at AAMI Park, Urundjerry People’s House, 7.50pm (AEST)

Should Brandon Smith have more minutes? Whether he’s on the run-on team or on the bench, hooker or middle forward, Smith is getting just 47 minutes per game this season. To be fair, this is his career average of 46.4 and who has to tell Craig Bellamy how to run his team but for those with the storm, the long two-game losing streak, the agenda outside Smith should be high to get more.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - May 20: Tom Trobozevic of the Sea Eagles left the field with an injury during a Round 11 NRL match between the Paramatman Iles and the Manly Sea Eagles on May 20, 2022 at the Comebank Stadium in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

Sea eagle goose is cooked? It will be another, another white flesh, like a tortoise. Dess Hasler and co-owners can claim otherwise until their faces turn blue, and they should, but Tom Trobozevic’s shoulder surgery is the end of the season not only for the players but for the team as well. They will have to play twice in the next five rounds with Storm at 5-6, and even the chances of reaching the final could soon be out of their hands.


Panthers vs. Cowboys at Blue Bet Stadium

Is Dylan Edwards the most fraudulent fullback after Brett Hodgson? He shares many features with the Premiership-winning former West Tiger – he is short for fullbacks, not seemingly particularly quick or avoiding, but he manages to fool opponents. Edwards is the NRL’s biggest meter-eater at 191 per game, slightly ahead of rivals Custodian, James Tedesco (182) and Tom Trobozevic (176), with slightly higher profiles and pay packets.

The Cowboys are celebrating a Ruben quota attempt

(Photo by Albert Perez / Getty Images)

Will the Cowboys really miss Jason Toumalolo so much? When you ask a stupid question, your dad will tell you that it deserves a stupid answer. But even though their forward leader has been ruled out with a knee injury, the Cowboys are better equipped than ever to make up for the absence of Ruben Cotter, Tom Gilbert and Jeremiah Nanaim, while Quinn Hess and Jordan McLean are reviving their careers in Townsville. .

Broncos vs. Titans at Suncorp Stadium, home of Ugera and Tarbal People’s, 6.55pm (AEST)

What’s worse – Tyson Gamble’s mullet or his mustache? The obvious answer is the very retro mullet that tries to shout in front of the business but shouts the party behind. But if you look closely, there is a combination of intelligent thin mustache that adds to the combination of WTAF that he is rolling at the moment.

Brisbane, Australia - May 13: Tyson Gamble of the Bronx passes the ball during a Round 10 NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp Stadium on May 13, 2022 in Brisbane, Australia.  (Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)

Tyson Gamble. (Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)

Is David Fifita ready for even heavier criticism if he is not ready to come back? The marquee forward has been named to the extended bench for a month off from a knee injury. Critics would suggest that he return soon to make sure he is picked for Queensland. Whether or not he starts off the bench, he will have a grace period of 60 seconds before he is questioned if he does not pause or thunder tackle.


Warriors vs Knights, Home of the Ugera, Zinnibara and Cabbage Cabbage People at Morton Daily Stadium, 3pm (AEST)

Will the Warriors be able to put it together before returning to the country? There are lights at the end of the tunnel with the team due to play their first match in Auckland in just one month. But they recently dropped Matt Lodge and Cody Nicorima in the middle of the season, with Edin Fonua-Blake out for a long time due to a leg injury, Chanel Harris-Tavita taking a leave of absence from sports next year, Yuan Aitken joining the Dolphins and the team’s form declining. Nathan Brown’s term could turn into a full-blown fire. Three long years have passed for the club.

Kalin Ponga in action for Newcastle Knights

(Photo by Ashley Federer / Getty Images)

Can Cullen Ponga rediscover his vision for 2020? Two years ago his average was 183.9 running meters and 5.9 tackle breaks, this season he has 149 meters and 3.4 tackle breaks. He ranks sixth among fullbacks, both behind these key figures and, apparently, Warriors Young Gun Rees Walsh (166.3 and 5.4). If the Maroons choose their No. 1 in form, Knight should not be unless he can win a huge point in this game.

Rabbits vs. Tigers at Acre Stadium, the home of the one-cheeked people, at 5.30 pm (AEST)

Is this generation of Cody Walker the Lori Daly of this generation শেষে the end of his career? The Riders legend was still a very effective player in the last two years of his career but with Ricky Stewart in the Bulldogs, he was knocked out of Kilter. They both retired in the late 2000’s, but one of the highlights of the rugby league was that it was not a lime green together. Walker is giving the same vibe without Adam Reynolds. The Rabbitohs are sick of hearing about his departure and conversion to Lachlan Ilias, but the next long-term decision may be the right one, but the team is not going to finish anywhere near this year’s grand final.

Cody Walker (Getty Images)

Cody Walker (Getty Images)

Why did the Tigers let Luke Garner walk? The 26-year-old forward joins Penrith next year and joins Cowboys and Kelma Tuilagi Manley with fellow second-rounder Luciano Leiluar, you’d think Wests would have pulled a stop to keep Garner, the first easy-going graders who could fill the center if needed.

Sharks vs. Roosters at Pointsetbet Stadium, Dharawal Man’s House, 7.35 pm (AEST)

Should Wade Graham switch to the middle permanently? He doesn’t seem to have the same omph (not a measurable metric in the notation of NRL statistics… yet) at one end, and Cronulla looked even stronger when Tag Wilton took that role on the left last week. Graham switched to Lock and went further home. The former five-eighth has the ability to play more balls than a good fist in that position, but the Sharks already have the same responsibilities as Cameron McKinsey and Dale Finuken.

Why was Jared Weiria-Hargreaves not banned? Another example of the restoration of the judiciary at the beginning of the season that allows repeat offenders to escape with fines. Two things are undeniable – JWH took James Fischer-Harris head on because he made an attempt and swearing at the referee is unforgivable. Not only that, he originally accused Gerard Sutton that it was for him so it would be nothing if it did not question the referee’s honesty. The rooster is right in one sense – he shouldn’t have sinned. He should have been fired.


Bulldogs vs. Dragons, Dharug, Eora and Bediagal Peoples at Belmore Sports Ground, 2pm (AEST)

Is Jack Heatherington the next stray dog? Canal reform is gaining momentum and there is talk that Heatherington, who has been away for a long time due to a shoulder injury, could end up in Tiger or the Knights. Canterbury fans won’t be too sad to see him go – there are possibilities, but there is also the ever-present possibility of suspension.

Do dragons know how to stop a game? Yes, they did it against the Warriors last Saturday. But first of all their opponents were the Warriors. And second, they literally stretched down, winning the debate over their best efforts to give it away. St. George Elvara’s center-back Jack Lomax, with his team six and two minutes ago, attempted a very low percentage flick pass as he was tackled in the second game which luckily fell from a defender’s foot into the grip of a teammate. Why do it? There was no need for this. In this situation teams should not take a few steps from the dummy half and submit to tackles but they should play at least a percentage.

Raider vs. Iles at GIO Stadium, Nagunawal People’s House, 4.05 pm (AEST)

Can the gods of rugby league burn in Jarrod Crocker? The experienced center’s shoulder displacement during the week was unfortunate because he struggled with knee, back and shoulder problems. Hopefully he gets another comeback in it as it draws to a close where riders will have to have some serious conversations with their 292-game principal about whether his aging body is still able to handle the rigors of the NRL.

Is there a more frustrating eel than Shawn Lane? Sometimes he can see a million dollars and on the other hand he has a million critics. Lanka could turn a game with a second-row big-minute play and his tackle-breaking ability and clever offload as he made for Tom Opasic’s effort against Manley last week. But there are also some games where you forget that he is on the field because he doesn’t seem to be as involved as he should be.

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